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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAA
is_customized: Yes
Shelf Life: 10000
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Brand Name: HZPZSH
Style: Loose Tea
Packaging: Bulk

Product Description

names: puer Tea

Origin : yunnan province, China

Storage : stored in a dry place and no direct sunshine

Packaging:We will use sealed, It can keep fresh a long time

We can assure you that is the real precious puer tea in yunnan, if not yunnan puer tea, we will bear the postage back and forth, and return the money to you!

The story of puer tea

Antique only can drink in the world: bordeaux wines in France and China's yunnan puer tea.

Pu-erh tea buds long ye, leaves soft, slub length, the yunnan big leaf kind tender degree of good tea tree (Ye Mulan wide, theaceae) fresh bud leaf, editing, rolling, made from dried raw tea, then through the transformation of natural fermentation and reasonable storage and mature tea, drinking is good for health of body and mind for a long time.

Puer tea is, in fact, there is life, it is in natural breath in the air, the air continuous fermentation, store more long tea more alcohol, with the extension of time, the quality of good, one hundred treasures, and price than gold.

For divas in pu 'er tea and tea enthusiasts, aged pu-erh tea is a kind of with memory, as a kind of backward tea, aged pu-erh tea infiltration with years of incense, in its thick thick and rich, with the weight of the historical massiness and time of storage, who has a long history is antique number, printed puer tea (more than five hundred and sixty years history), after years of dusty and the fate of the vicissitudes of life, become self-serious, drinking them, like read history and read the past forgotten and lost, every year of puer tea, bubble after pour into cups, there will be a circle a circle of white clear mist smoke slowly walk up along the rim, looked at the white smoke curling up, over aged pu-erh tea will a historical sense of awe.

As a love tea, but a collection of some of the "green Tuo", "blue cake", "blue bricks," experience the historical process of tea sculpture, time to the accumulation process of puer tea style, is a matter with both interesting and meaning, the collection of pu 'er tea process itself is a kind of life enjoyment, in the process, you can't irritable, can only wait and wait, the years of waiting and waiting for love tea is a kind of exercise, test and training.

A truly understand drinks the tea, he was able to buy more new raw tea and ripe tea, hide a few old tea, in the process of alternating makeovers, continued his be fond of pu-erh tea, and the pursuit, collect fresh tea tea lovers, as time slowly faded, historical precipitation, tea fermentation slowly change, aging, that feeling is like watching their children day by day maturity, so, in recent years, experts have put forward the "ripe tea, old tea, Tibetan tea" way of the tea.

Because of love tea, tea fans shouldn't be lost because of work, again painstakingly again tired, also much with their preferences are recommended, and the good mountain spring water in a pot of good tea, as a reward for hard work. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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