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Product Description

Everyone is concerned about coffee to lose weight. Coffee can reduce weight anti-dropsy indeed. The reason is very simple, promote metabolism. But I also noticed that there are many pretty girls. After drinking coffee often have reaction in the stomach is not suitable for heart palpitations. In this very sincere reminder if your stomach is bad, don't drink coffee on an empty stomach. If a drink is dizzy, as soon as possible to plate dongpo elbow or food braised pork, remember to choose fat eat good hurry up.

The perfect combination of light and coffee aroma, slightly plum acid and the entrance to the fullness and slightly sweet, fully gave mouth pure perfection of sensual pleasure. Brazilian coffee is not as strong features, mouthful fragrance of leaving people faint aftertaste and drunk, pressure relief, perhaps this is Brazil's coffee true features, in the blundering society, perhaps we should use a peace of mind to enjoy every cup of coffee in Brazil, to realize the round another realm, aroma is obvious but not strong, sweet or with light plum sense and a sense of dark chocolate, bitter taste, moderate the sweet, very suitable for hand blunt drip type, siphon pot; With milk drink suggest use Italian machine or mocha pot of extraction is better.

Brazilian coffee is introduced:

Brazilian coffee refers to coffee in Brazil. There are many different kinds of Brazil coffee and the vast majority of Brazilian coffee without cleaning and drying, classify them according to the state of production and transport port. Brazil's coffee taste with low acidity, cooperate with bittersweet taste coffee, entrance is very smooth, and with a hint of green grass fragrance, in fragrance, slightly bitter taste, making it easy to slide, finish with a comfortable living.

Brazilian coffee features:

For Brazilian coffee is not particularly outstanding advantages, but also no obvious defects, the tastes mild and moderate lubrication, low acidity, alcohol degrees, have a hint of sweetness, all these gentle flavor mixed together, want to will tell them, is the best test of taste buds, this also is many Brazilian coffee lovers love the cause of the coffee, because it is so gentle and ordinary, Brazilian coffee is suitable for ordinary degree of roasting, suitable for the most popular way to brew, is making espresso coffee and all kinds of fancy coffee the best raw materials.