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item Type: Other
Num.: SQ20180105
Material: Wooden
Place of origin: Dehua
Price segment: More than 300 yuan
Printed LOGO: Can
Custom processing: It is
Time to market: 2013 summer

Product Description

Specification:80 * 40 * 7cm

Brand: Sheng Qing Ceramics

Name: Ko Muk year after more than a tray

Material: Ko Muk

Specifications: 80 * 40 * 7cm Product size system manual measurement, there are some errors.

Origin: Dehua

Packaging: carton packaging

Note: a new tea tray is a little paint fumes, which is on the manufacturers to a protective lacquer tray,

Tea tray at the factory, is to wrap with plastic wrap to prevent scratches, of course, are less likely to smell dissipated, this is normal. So you get the goods for tea, open the packaging, wash with tap water, and put in the shade airy day or so, there is no paint fumes up.
Storage: Please clean when not in use and clean and ventilated place to dry, should be ventilated and dry.



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-------- About Product Quality conventions:

All goods shop sold are handmade process contains a lot. Wooden eye, knots phenomenon may exist in the product, even if there are minor differences in visually perceptible contrast between the styles of the same individual, such behavior is reasonable, because the artificial mouth-blown manual process caused by manual signs are not flaws. But precisely because of handmade, but also to ensure that these products are all unique, more purchase value.

Wood products products in the production process will inevitably produce some flaws, the state introduced a grading standards, which details the extent permitted genuine flaws, interested friends can search for wood products inspection grading standards, please understand. Authentic does not mean absolute perfection.

------- Color:

Because of the light, the location, monitors and other reasons, such as the kind of color and pictures discrepancies, are to prevail in kind. If you do not worry, please ask before buying detailed details Service-related products. If you can not accept the color, do not check the data and material customer, please carefully shot.

Teapot tea tray is in full bloom, shallow containers cup, tea set, tea cakes and sweetmeats and even pet; it can be large, it can be very small, round or shape can only make a fan; can be a single layer can also be a sandwich, sandwich with In Sheng wastewater, it can be a drawer and can also be embedded; monolayers with a plastic tube connected to the wastewater discharge disk, but still need a bucket under the tea table ; its wide selection, metal, wood, bamboo, Tao Jieke take. In the most simple and durable metal tray to the most elegant and affordable bamboo tea tray. There are also sandalwood tea tray, such as green sandalwood, ebony tea tray and so on.

When the tea pot dish sure to disc, cup, fair win, otherwise a missed overall annihilated, the price is too tragic, the author of this disaster who have been there for tea, often talked about, distraught deplored! Nowadays there are popular tea tray and tea table as one of the root tea table, bulky, do not move around, tilt corner are required to force every man, so never missed tipping tray. Xihu such combo ax Root tea table saws points, many human traces, modeling humble, little natural wit ya ya then men, but not "elegant", so-called "top grade" are scarce. Root tea sets its heavy, big, notable style, so the tea room area, the style has also been requested, I witness a dozen square meters of modern interior decoration into a tea root carving tea table, like a sumo wrestler cramped in Brig, neither fish nor fowl.

Metal tray known most practical, if not external malicious damage, never cracking, and cheap, so use by a wide range. Stainless steel tray for a long time without cleaning and Mongolian tea scale, a slightly wipe can be bright as new, but this light it is somewhat exotic Western feeling, even more than other materials prepared Chinese flavor, but in Fujian Anxi Tie Guan Yin tea business Suppliers for more hi this thing, every family must, sparkling lined up, quite spectacular.

Tea tray is the most conservation and measures have nice, lifelong willing to supporting roles, but the supporting role indispensable, with the tea tray, pots, cups, fair, etc. go on stage, the interpretation of a show about tea culture, Even in the countryside or the park without me tea, but also at least one side of the tea tray tea towels to replace what role, it seems that the tea tray pendulum, can be complicated and trivial in a cool and Zhongping a vast world. Ten did not put together the side pot tea tray placed there more tea atmosphere, the former will feel cluttered, which have unified situation purge. Do encounter crude situation, such as Roam remote, jungle wilderness, Mutianxide sit, only pots and cups, pots placed in the cup that are bound to follow its original position on the tray, the mood seems to have everything a.

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