Taiwan’s imports of tropical fruits black tea has a unique taste real fruit grain stores dedicated

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item Type: Fruit Tea
Packaging: Bag
Weight (kg): 500
Shelf Life: 720
Make: Guangzhou Jinjie products
Factory site: Guangzhou Baiyun District
Manufacturers Contact: 400-685-5689
List of ingredients: No

Product Description


Tropical fruit tea
Tropical fruit tea Features: Perfect combination of fruit tea with fruit taste charming
Tropical fruit tea use:
First3kgWater boil after flameout in accordance with1??45The proportion of added tea (ie3kgWater need66gTea, namely tea brewing is complete. (Suitable stirring stew tea1-2Times to make tea full spread
Applications tropical fruit tea recipe:
(1) Tropical fruit tea (takeaway available)
Ingredients: lemon ice tea water 200G 200G 35G longan honey 1 tablespoon fructose
Production Method: snow g cup, lemon tea, adding ice, longan honey, fructose snow grams evenly the cup.
(1) Tropical fruit tea (coffee shops and other use)
Ingredients: tropical fruit tea longan honey 1 tablespoon fructose 10G 35G, a slice of fresh lemon
Production Methods: 10G tropical fruit tea into flower pot, a hot brew for 3-5 minutes, add honey or fructose to drink.