s&s cafe -chinese yunnan zhaizi 2013 new crop (1lb/bag) coffee green bean body earthy

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Weight: 0.45
Shelf Life: 1095
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans

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s&s cafe -

chinese yunnan zhaizi 2013 new crop (1lb/bag)

coffee green bean

body earthy

origin of place :Gaoligongshan mountain ,Baoshan ,Yunnan ,china

Grade :16 size

Suggestion roasting : city roasting +

sepciation :1lb/bag


Baoshan arabica coffee, specialty Baoshan Lu Jiang, National Geographic logo products, is one of the world until a better coffee quality coffee country, uniform particles plump, fresh smell, aroma, taste mellow, with a strong but not strong, with famous World's Blue Mountain coffee is comparable. Excellent quality with unique worldwide reputation: the late 1950s on the London market was named the first grade, was "Lu Jiang One" name, which is "National Coffee Crown accepted the 1980 National Conference on Coffee . "

Baoshan Lu Jiang arabica coffee. National Geographic logo products, is one of the better country until the global coffee quality coffee , its taste with the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee is comparable . Baoshan Lu Jiang

Arabica coffee to the unique quality of a very excellent worldwide reputation : the late 1950s, was named the first grade in the London market , was " Lu Jiang One " name, recognized it as " National Coffee 1980 National Conference on Coffee the crown . " In 1987, President of the Swiss technology company Nestle Coffee Lu Jiang who came to visit and drink coffee after arabica praised Jiang Lu said: "This is the best coffee I drink in China 's ." [ 1 ] in December 2010 , an audit by the State Administration of Quality Supervision , decided to " Baoshan arabica coffee" implementation of the national geographical indication protection . Approved on April 1, 2012 began. [ 2 ] October 1992 Baoshan arabica coffee in the China Agricultural Fair won the silver medal ( gold medal of the Expo is not set , so get Baoshan arabica coffee is the highest award. World Coffee Conference 1993 competitions held in Brussels, Belgium , the Baoshan arabica coffee Lu Town arabica coffee picture " coffee heat °" provide pictures ( 4 ) Won the World "Eureka " Gold Award , which occupies an important position on the world coffee market . Yunnan Baoshan Lujiangba climate is dry and hot valley of Yunnan Province and the country's unique and very suitable Arabi card (Coffea arabica) growth. Lujiangba Longyang District, located Gaoligongshan Dong Lu, Nujiang River, located east longitude 98 ° 44'-99 ° 05 ', latitude 24 ° 46'-25 ° 33', altitude 640 m -3510 m, pellets most of the coffee growing region at an altitude of 800-1200 meters area, a few have been planted around 1400 meters in area. Raw material planting base subtropical monsoon climate type, with an average annual temperature of 21.3 , annual sunshine hours 2334.5 hours, annual rainfall 721.51-100 mm, greater than or equal to 10 accumulated temperature 7800 , the annual basic frost. Lu Jiang planting areas, planting a long history and rich experience in cultivation, planting more than 50 years of history, which is about 150-200 kg per mu. Is one of the best world-renowned high-quality arabica coffee producing regions Baoshan arabica coffee geographical indication protection origin ranges Longyang District, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, Longling, Shidian County, Changning County, Tengchong County, five counties under the jurisdiction of administrative regions 1, sensory characteristics: Project Claim Exterior Particles uniformly plump and shiny, no damage, shriveled; color is light blue or light green, fresh smell no odor. Sense Aroma, mellow taste, with a strong but not strong, slightly sour fruit characteristics. Particle size ≥ 5.5mm 2, physical and chemical indicators: Item Index Moisture (%) ≤ 12 Water extract (%) ≥ 22.0 Caffeine (%) ≥ 0.8 Total sugar (%) ≥ 9.0 Protein (%) ≥ 11.5 Fat (%) ≥ 5.5