Small grain coffee skgs freeh three-in 270g instant coffee powder

price: US $23.58
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Weight: 0.27
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Instant Coffee
place of production: china mainland
Coffee type: 3-in-one three-in
whether sacchariferous: sacchariferous
whether for organic food: q17
bundle jugful: 1 person

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surprise : { small once buy 270 dairy yunnan coffee 2 bags , ultranationalists the other national trend bag 1 copy }
as follows :

( tips : over the advice each bag 15g with 130ml boiling water tea This section of coffee is three-in flavour instant coffee . coffee , sugar , milk lsatis laitance moderate , coffee fragrance unique , entrance not bitter , selece adjoint smell flavor , again very won't sweet , so-called Tastes differ , too bitter coffee believe most people can't accept , and it , can make most people all learn to enjoy every day coffee feeling .

of course , if you are a rich flavor old coffee khusic which can buy lessonto shop of coffee powder or pure black coffee powder drink oh , same price affordable ! )

desciption 18 bag skgs instant coffee
instant coffee ingredient , sugar and coffee milk
production date ( Pour : updating )
production kunming freeh yang coffee co ltd
Specification 270 grams of / bags ( 18 packaging * 15g )

price of a price 1 bags ( 270g ) price

attentively tourism , kickoff specialty yunnan has many songqi specialty , do native yunnan , i hope come to my hometown travelers , can be carried rich home specialty hometown , to share it own kinsmen , but the backpack capacity co , only dropped many of the favorite specialty , now network convenient , in line can purchase yunnan travel goods depived , thank you can come to our store .

growth environment 460m it yunnan baoshan , temperatures average for 21.5 , as high as 40.4 , basic perennially none cream , small grain coffee grow aptly 800 ~ at altitudes 1800 m mountain , if high too altitudes of the weisuan , too little bitter taste

hometown of small grain coffee pink clouds south ~ i heart peacock go fly ~ memories of the long finish yulong snow mountain ~ shines like silver xiuse lijiang ~ on in the butterfly fountain ~ drip knowns song of the banks of the ~ heart still dangyang - - every time heard the song of the south of clouds of historybook , unconsciously closed eyes , follow its melody buildings in heaven , heart health and from unlimited moved , this from moved love hometown , from the home of yunnan , beauty , sad mood whenever , i will always be look up at the sky blue hometown , think of ourselves can grow in this heaven recent place , inflexibly lifetime ! each one of the heart of heaven yearned for , maybe you 've from this it again beautiful land walked , might beauty only exist in your imagination , a day may you will be here , potstickers here snack , pinpin here PU ' er tea , look at the beautiful scenery of . in addition to these outside , in this beauty land on it again , also all over the world coffee , coffee here known as small grain coffee with thick and not bitter , incense don't fierce , granule small surface well proportioned , mellow , with fruity , is acknowledged to best small grain coffee place of production .

this package bags heavy 270g , each bag have 18 bag small packaging coffee . each bag 15g primigravida . portable packaging , to yanran you in the work of the busy have time to own a drinking cup selece 's yunnan coffee . yanran coffee fragrance in the work takeaway flatline , provideimpetus to your work passion .