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price: US $59.00
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item Type: Black Tea
Product Category: Mug
Num.: 01
Material: Porcelain
For people: Lovers
Is there a patent: No
Whether imported: No
Capacity: 201-300ml

Product Description

[Material]Enamel porcelain (ceramic)

[Price]Price is the price of a dish cup spoon. It includes a cup, a plate, a spoon. [Size]Cup: Long 11.5x width 8.5x high 9.5 cm; Singles: length 15x width 15x height 4.2 cm; spoon: length 14.5x width 2.5x high 1.5 cm [Packaging]Gift packaging (box above picture)

[Product Origin]: Jiangxi Jingdezhen

[Product level: an excellent product

Product packaging:No

[Product List]:Single price

[Product Technology]: traditional manual pull embryo blow artificial enamel folk artists[Market price]: factory outlets, Taobao Direct, reduce intermediate links, shopping malls and three to five discount sales

[Service]: 100% broken transport package

[Products]: Ceramic

Permanent do not fade, do not fade glaze, lead-free, it does not

Artificially broken, a hundred years is still available as new. Commonly used better longevity

After steaming, boiling, dip, cross-sectional, scraping, grinding, stickers, scissors, iron, paste, grinding, glazing, firing, gilt combination dozen elaborate procedures, general works need a week or so skilled, complex work takes more than 25 days to complete its process is quite complex.

Product packaging as follows:

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