Organic coffee powder enteroclysm coffee 454g beans fresh mill 2 bag

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Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Ground Coffee
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place of production: mainland china

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  • Organic coffee is introduced

Organic coffee is in the process of growth without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizer in the coffee. The cultivation of coffee, is conducive to maintaining a healthy environment and to maintain the purity of groundwater. Coffee after harvest, be sure to use after organic certification of baking factory for processing coffee beans. Organic coffee is grown under the shade of coffee beans. Although production in the shade of a tree planting method is not high, but its quality can achieve the level of gourmet coffee. Organic high quality coffee is heaven, earth, people, weather, soil, and the essence of love, need a coffee tree growth in five years to bear fruit, about 4000 a pound of coffee beans, completely with manual harvest, harvest year by year and every coffee coffee fruit only enough to produce a pound of roasted coffee beans, scarcity value.

Coffee enema introduction:

Coffee enema method and general enema, can clear bowel, discharge waste, but the use of filling and intestinal juice is coffee. As early as two thousand years ago, Europe's coffee enema has recorded in ancient books, and when the first world war, the lack of an anesthetic and morphine, coffee enema because have analgesic effect, has been the germans used to relieve the suffering of the patients during operation. Later two German medical school professor, coffee enema test in mice, found that not only can clear bowel, pain, and promote the liver detoxification effect, thus laid a coffee enema medical background. In 1981, the fort walden physicians with scientific proof of coffee contains ingredients, can help enzymes break down toxins in the blood, making several ten years the effectiveness of the traditional coffee enema method are certainly again. Japan new GuHongShi physicians more to his 30 years' experience in coffee enema and patients' clinical outcome, refer to the above research data, the author strongly advocated coffee enema, caused strong response in the whole world. The father of modern famous natural therapy gerson physician, in fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement organic growth and developed on the basis of theory of detoxification, favorite coffee enema, when he was in the treatment of cancer patients, providing cancer patients with a large number of vegetable &fruit juices, these vegetable juice has the effect of rapid detoxification, make the patient's blood is filled with a large number of liver cannot promptly eliminate toxins, so gerson use five to six times a day of coffee enema, helps the liver detoxify, to relieve patients caused by large amounts of toxins are arranged in the blood of uncomfortable feeling even headache. Gerson physicians advocate key metabolic therapy is to clean the colon. First first qingchang detoxification, second complement nutrition, finally to fight disease.

Coffee enema produced

Enema preparation: organic coffee powder and filter (cook) coffee equipment, enema bag, purified water

A mechanisms americano coffee enema fluid (recommended) measuring 10-12 g coffee powder on the coffee machine basket; Measuring 650-700 ml of pure water (coffee powder will be a small percentage of water absorption) in a coffee machine in the water tank; Open the power supply into the coffee pot, until coffee production is complete; To make good coffee liquid cooling to room temperature, then pour enema bag.

Filter cup B enema fluid is put on the filter paper coffee cup, micro wetting; Measuring 10-12 g coffee powder into the filter paper In a 90-95 degrees of boiling water, slowly clockwise: "circle", until the number of need; To make good coffee liquid cooling to room temperature, then pour enema bag.

C method of liquid pressure enema pot of coffee (recommended) measuring 10-12 g coffee powder into the method of pressure pot; Into 650-700 ml hot water, stir well, pressure approximately pot of mesh and let stand for about 55 minutes; Make out a good filling and intestinal juice, and cooled to room temperature; Add enema bag use.

D without special equipment to make coffee enema fluid volume in 650-700 ml of water poured into the pot to boil; According to take 10-12 g coffee powder into the boiling water, stir well, fire; Let stand for 3-5 minutes, with gauze or filter to filter coffee grounds; After waiting for liquid cooling coffee, pour into enema bag use.

Enema before two, three months suggested that intestinal juice, 600 ml every time later can increase gradually, each time until the 100-120 ml, enema 1-2 times a day.

Coffee enema dosage

10-12 g 600 ml of filling and intestinal juice using organic coffee powder, 100 ml per increase irrigation using only need to add 2 grams organic coffee powder; Measuring of ground coffee can use spoon to the child or 8 g coffee powder special weight.