New benefits Pu’er ripe tea 2010 V93 Da Yunnan Pu’er ripe tea 100g dayi ripe tuo tea

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: 1
Shelf Life: 999999999999 days
Age: 2 - 3 Years
Brand Name: dayi
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS

Product Description

Pu'er Year:1-3 years
Special products category:Tea
Place of origin:Chinese mainland
Tea suppress shape:Tuo

[Name Great benefits Pu'er ripe tea Menghai Dayi V93Da cooked
[ Production process ]Tuo Pu'er ripe tea
[Specifications]100 g / Da Da 5 / bag 150 Da / pc
Date 2011( Note: The tea no shelf life, the better it tastes )
[ Publisher ]Great benefits ( Yunnan Menghai tea ) 100% guaranteed authentic
[Storage method ]In ventilated, dry and odor-free , under normal temperature storage

V93 Pu'er Tuo , founded in early 2005 , is a summary of 93 years Tuo Menghai classic product formulation and development of new products, regardless of the shape or the endoplasmic people are so fascinated .This high- interest V93 cooked Pu'er Tuo Menghai tea is produced in 2010 , a Da weighs 100 grams, summed up the past Menghai classic products, raw materials , technology, manufacturing method , quality characteristics , flavor needs, the fermented tea moderate , tea slippery soft , reddish brown liquor , aroma Chen Xiang , fine choice of materials , cord symmetry , the soup was translucent, pure aroma , mellow , sweet , pure taste Menghai , comprehensive extremely high quality, Da -shaped and beautiful, fully embodies the the advantages of Menghai tea ripe tea !

Great benefits Pu'er ripe tea Menghai Dayi V93Da cooked-Package Drawing

V93 compact shape , suitable elastic cable tight knot uniform homogeneous and complete, not like tea cakes tangled cords or even blurred. Pu Tuo is not produced every year , Tuo Menghai tea produced is not much , V93 and even fewer, because this tea a higher level of use of materials , and warehousing Chen Maocha period after fermentation storage time is quite long , Tuo off the cocoon as a butterfly , in addition to the heavy pile smell more fragrant incense Chan .

Great benefits Pu'er ripe tea Menghai Dayi V93BatchDa cooked-Package Drawing

V93 material has some texture while their bones were thick, has a certain tenderness contains a wealth of material to show its full, so bones, and flesh of the perfect match. Have a certain taste sweet without Gan and significant sweet, pure aroma is still strong : like "Lotus Just Buds ", there are strong feelings, but do not demonstrate , to avoid feeling contrived , as the time to provide domesticated V93 arena.

Great benefits Pu'er ripe tea Menghai Dayi V93BatchDa cooked-Anti-counterfeit packaging Figure

V93 worked in Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival Chinese New thirteenth tea exposition gold medal competitions . Chunnong taste Gan cool , pure aroma is still strong V93 Pu Tuo basic features , on this basis , with a long, slightly bitter aftertaste , gives coolness , from the mouth to the throat has a cool feeling, this is not a V93 haunting "V93 rhyme ."

Great benefits Pu'er ripe tea Menghai Dayi V93Da cooked-Tea partial map

Great benefits Pu'er ripe tea Menghai Dayi V93Da cooked-Tea Rear View

Great benefits Pu'er ripe tea Menghai Dayi V93Da cooked-Tea Figure

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