New 2014 !The Natural Green Coffee/Green Coffee/Lemon And Ginger/Fruit Coffee/Detoxification /LoseWeight (JC001)

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Grade: AAAAA
Weight: 180G
is_customized: Yes
Shelf Life: 12month
Brand Name: QQ521
Flavor: Fruit
Packaging: Box
Caffeine Type: Decaffeinated

Product Description

My dear friends! Welcome to our shop! In the past time, our company products are favored by international friends and love. Therefore, in the New Year, after our many years of research and experimentation, launched a series of health products for western friends!

This is our to make a survey on the problem of a lot of friends, hope you can help us better cooperation in the future!

1: the product is coffee or tea?

Answer: our products are natural coffee, do not contain any caffeine, suitable for all kinds of people. Is a kind of pure natural green coffee.

2: when is the best time to drink coffee? Should pay attention to?

Answer: half an hour before breakfast drink to our health, best drink can also at noon. But for stomach problem friend, pay attention to not drink coffee at night.

3: how to drink coffee?

Answer: take out a small bag of coffee and rushed into the 150 ml, 200 ml hot water. Some friends may not be able to receive the flavor of ginger, can be added according to taste.

4: pregnant women, nursing mothers, women dysmenorrhea can drink coffee?

Answer: pregnant women can drink coffee, but in order to avoid increased blood sugar, suggested that every two days to drink

. Breastfeeding women can drink, can make milk more rich. Women dysmenorrhea were also can drink, because has the effect of warm uterus, ginger drink it very comfortable, can alleviate the pain.

5: what's the function of the product?

Answer: expel toxin, beauty to raise colour. The effect of lowering blood sugar and blood fat, have weight loss and so on

6: why coffee drink sediment will have?

Answer: our products are all made of pure natural cane sugar and ginger, it is natural sediment, belongs to the normal phenomenon. The hope friends rest assured to drink!

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