Mandarin duck coffee milk tea small bag 60 exquisite bag box

price: US $19.00
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Weight: 168g
Flavor: Cream
Packaging: Box
Item Type: Instant Coffee
sacchariferous: sacchariferous whether
place of production: hong kong and taiwan
Coffee type: other coffee whether
for organic food: q17

Product Description

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  • • Production license number: 330005010337 • Standard Product number: • Make: Zhejiang Panda Dairy Group Co., Ltd. • Address: Cangnan County of Wenzhou City Lingxi Lite Road No. 650-668 • Manufacturers Contact: 11111 • Ingredients: See recipe table • Shelf life: 360 • Food additives: See allocation table side • Net weight: 168g • Packing: Packing • Brand: Jie Rong • Origin: China mainland • Province: Guangdong Methods of preparation: 1, a three-pack Jierong selection into the cup of tea, into about 150 ml of hot water, stirring can enjoy delicious tea suit your mind up. 2, made of ice tea taste better, just 1 Jierong selection of triple tea into the cup, into 80 ml of hot water with stirring, plus 2-3 pieces of ice. So you do not need to go to Hong Kong Restaurant, you can taste the delicious cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea ice.