made in 2015 Raw pu er tea,100g pu er Dragon Ball tea ,light fragrance, sweet,,history ancient tree freeshipping

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA+
Shelf Life: 20 years
Age: New
Brand Name: Pu Er
Style: Blooming Tea
Packaging: Box
Certification: QS

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we sincerely welcome you. We think what do you thinking. we wholeheartedly service for you, try our's best contenting your need. If you have any questions about our products, please tuch us or give me a message. wish you have a nice shopping!

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Quality tea:

All of those tea is made from grown on natural wild tea trees,100% green beauty care food, No Any Artificial Addictives or Chemical Additives , you will be the one of the most fortunate who buy in this very advantageous price.and I promise ,you will get secret gifts. It also contains rich nutrients and is very good for our health. It is favoured by tea lovers. please contunue watch our tea information. ( everyone dragon ball tea have 10g weight )

let us looking carefully.

take photoes under sunshin,it's looks so bright.

Look this tea,this is our tea cultivation envpronment.It's so beatuful,all of tea buds was taken down from topmost branchs,just likes down of the pictures.

down of this picture haven't dry,upside picture photographed last week.

The tea looks very cool and yellow brightly.It smell light fragrance ,when you drinking ,It light sweet and moisten mouth&throat ,the same times,you can feeling flavol and long aftertaste. of couse ,if you like drinking strong tea ,beafore sweet you can feel light bitterness.

When after you saw all mine tea information,Whether you have some doubts like this:

a ) :The price why you sell more EXPENSIVE than other sellers ?

me) :Of couse,it's good qustion,Our tea made in deep hills and it's history ancient tea tree,the topmost grade tea come from the deep of mountains,our Yunnan pu er tea is really the Local pu er tea,it's my hometown,as long as you drink our Pu'er tea,you will see all of the reason.

a ) : if your tea is really top grade ,why you have nothing about the feedback and sales ?

me): yea,we are just bagining,we need do everything to ready for your sevecie.make deal with our frends' family after they take tea down from the tea trees.

a ) : So,that case,can you make more discounts?

me):Of couse,we can do it,if your orders more than one or two Kg,we can give you cheap price.

If you want as a gift send to your family or friend,Put it in those giftcakes,then it's a perfect present.Of couse,need this cakes have to pay for more .

The original ecology old tea plantation:

Our health factory:

Welcome to book all kinds of Pu'Er tea,There have Dendrobium, jasmine and rose druugon ball tea,you can choose which would you like best. we need 4-5 day to make ready tea,I will take a little surpurise for you,Stay tuned for please.

this boxes is only reference for you.


As we kown,the pu er tea has been famous in the word since 2000 years' Tea-horse Road.The puer tea made in yunnan Pu er ,in China,it's my homtown,So I kown all cuture about pu er tea.Drink tea can concentrate ,Thirst, weight loss, beauty care and life extension.About the Storage methods,after you receive tea,maker sure keep in seal and put it in dry ,ventilation, cool pleace.

Seller wish :

After you receved the tea,please reply great praise in feedback,if you are not satisfied with our products,please contuct us first.We will give you a satisfying answer.You 100% satisfaction and excellent ratings is our ultimate goal to pursue.have a nice day!

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All items sold by us are being described to the best of our abilities, as accurate as possible, and with utmost conscientiousness on our part. However,The real tea cakes picture please according to received prevail goods.Thank you for your understanding.



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