HOT!Caramel Coffee Green Slimming/Coffee With Ginger Tea /Green Quick Weight Loss Coffee /Coffee Ginger/Health Care 225g

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Grade: A
Weight: 225g
Shelf Life: 24
Flavor: Sugar
Packaging: Box
Caffeine Type: Decaffeinated
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

Usually choose natural ginger extract juice, then use ginger into brown sugar refining.

Due to less than a white sugar, brown sugar refining has kept many of the trace mineral elements, thus the concept of natural material. Ginger is a lot of people like spices. Old saying said: the ginger is old spicy, old ginger, cold effect is better. Aged ginger is commonly known as ginger, people in the long life practice found that ginger boil soup to drink can stimulate blood circulation and TCM holds that ginger soup has a certain resistance to colds, remove cold from the cold.

City jade black sugar ginger tea adopts fine sugar cane refined out of brown sugar, add ginger mother carefully selected, use modern technology to produce rich mellow black sugar ginger tea, taste mellow, delicious is an excellent warm winter drinks female friends fondle admiringly.

Health care black sugar ginger tea to prevent cold and warm winter, especially for women and the old man for this product for women