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peanut kernel: chinese peanut

Product Description

Chinese peanut

Peanut kernel

Peanut (raw) is introduced
Peanuts, or groundnuts, fruit, bean tang dynasty. Peanut is longer than nourishing tonic, can lengthen your life, so people also called "longevity nut", and as well as soy has been hailed as a "plant meat", "meat" in the element. Peanut nutrition value higher than grain, with eggs, milk, meat and other animal food, it contains plenty of protein, fat, especially the content of unsaturated fatty acid is very high, very suitable for manufacturing all kinds of nutritious food.
Peanut (raw) practice guidance
1. The method is more widely, roasted, Fried, Fried, boiled and salted are available, also is the main raw material of making sugar, jam, canned.
2. To oil or counters; Catering to cook or supplementary material;
3. Connect the peanut with red jujube, can tonify deficiency, and to stop bleeding, bleeding in the most appropriate used in frail patients;
4. In many ways of peanut stew to eat as the best, both to avoid the damage signature of nutrients, but also has the tepid, palate moist, good bad, easy to digest, the characteristics of g-rated.