Free shipping, old varieties, Yunnan arabica coffee, 100% pure iron pickup, 10g wholesale

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Grade: AAA
Weight: 10g
Shelf Life: 365 days
Brand Name: zhong Cffee
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Coffee beans
Flavor: Incense, alcohols
place of production: china mainland

Product Description

  • Origin Yunnan Lu Jiang Grand Canyon [ Net weight ] 10 g [ Date ] for the production of the last three days of production , no more than 1 week, absolutely fresh. [ Shelf ] 12 months Why buy China's own coffee beans : 1 Lujiangba Yunnan Yunnan arabica coffee in the world -famous export countries . 2 quality and security, the date of the most fresh , fresh coffee beans , our two days of baking. About Iron pickup : Yunnan arabica coffee in the world famous varieties of arabica coffee in the nobility of iron pickup is the darling of many coffee lovers . Rail pickups , also known as the old varieties arabica coffee , its low production , cultivation is difficult, so the price compared to ordinary arabica coffee to be much higher . No real Blue Mountain coffee sales on the domestic market, we know that high-priced fake Blue Mountain coffee beans do with what ? Yunnan is our iron pickups , due to the unique natural environment , the appropriate altitude ( about 1200 m on average ) , with Jamaican Blue Mountain in uniform latitude ( golden beans latitude ) , making it not only a rich mellow taste , but sweet, sour , bitter shamisen with perfection. So in 1993 the Belgian Fair, Yunnan arabica coffee varieties obtained iron pickup Eureka Gold . Featured iron pickup beans , 100% in-kind shooting, coffee lovers come !