Free Shipping, China almond( apricot kernel) 210g, peeling wild big almond slice, spicy taste, snacks

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Shelf Life: 12 months
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Apricot kernel
Weight (kg): 0.21
apricot kernel: chinese almond
almond: nut
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Product Description

China almond

peeling wild big almond slice

Small Chinese almonds (real almond in China thousands of years of food history) the most nutritious and most comprehensive kind eat very crisp and very very fragrant oil.
Natural growth in the mountains of wild almond, almond natural spices baked made,all ages are fit for human consumption, eat eat is healthy, hungry red hunger without gall heart of a high-fat, high-sugar, and so on! Oil crispy cool, good food and health care.
Spicy Almond, appropriate office leisure edible.
Wild almond ingredients of long-term consumption of local residents, people invented a lot of edible method
In the local consumption of thousands of years it has appetizers, beauty, increased intelligence, eliminating the role of fatigue, lungs,
A new study shows that cholesterol levels are normal or slightly higher, with almonds (almond) to replace the low nutrient density foods in their diet, to lower blood cholesterol and keep the heart healthy purpose. Almonds in addition to rich in unsaturated fatty acids, also contains high levels of vitamin C and vitamin E, which makes beauty highlighted the role of the almond out. Almonds in trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and other essential trace element content is not inferior. The combined effect of these nutrients, but also almonds can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease.
Chinese medicine point of view: almond the four nuts only thing cool nature, it is very suitable for consumption throughout the year. Almond unique cough, lungs, Zhichuan role, able to deal effectively with the common cough.

Ingredients: wild almond
Edible method: open bag instant.