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Grade: AAAAA
Weight: 0.454
Shelf Life: 365DAYS
Brand Name: Slimming Coffee
Flavor: Spices & Herbs
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans

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Premium! 454g Coffee Beans Baking Charcoal Roasted Original Green Food Slimming Coffee High Quality Freeship

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Net Weight: 454g Shelf Life :365 days
Name: Vietnamese Vina Whaler beans Origin:Jamaica
Bean seeds: MIX Arabica Robusta Taste: mellow fragrant
Degrees baking: Semple Grease Content: Rich
Packing size: 25X15.5X5.5CM Net weight: 454g

Other Uses: Can be used enema hair Fragrances
Save: dry, cool, well ventilated environment, avoid sunlight, after opening should be sealed save.

The product needs to grind coffee beans and cook for a drink fragrant smell! .As accustomed, the right amount of sugar and milk can be neutralized. In the production of coffee, to do as much as possible to grasp how much coffee you grind the as to ensure the quality of the next cup of coffee. Vietnamese coffee beans are mainly used Robusta beans, a French bakery deep baking technology, coke bitter taste, low acidity. Dark roasted beans taste richer, more adequate bitter sweet taste, coffee oil surface caused due to baking; heavy baked beans caffeine and acidity will be greatly reduced, heavy baked beans color from chocolate brown to almost black degree .

Take the South to use 500 grams of pure coffee beans means:

First, use a coffee grinder to finely ground coffee beans,
Second, in the following manner using coffee to brew coffee clepsydra
1 Prepare itemsVietnamese pot drops, condensed milk, the Vietnamese local coffee beans depth roasted coffee beans, if not the grinder or mill instead of fear is not fine with the coffee powder is also available. coffee spoon, stirring spoon.
2 the pot will decompose drops open, ready to take out the plate.
3 the coffee cup into the amount of condensed milk. According to personal preference, without also available, but Vietnam is added flavor
4 Add finely ground coffee powder using 14 to 17 grams Note: Finished VINA coffee with coffee Plains is the thickness of the filter bowl special degree of fineness special espresso is actually not very suitable filter cup
5 there is co-use two spoons of coffee powder one spoonful approximately seven grams Note: In fact, the amount of coffee may vary according to individual preferences
6 after the coffee powder slightly shaking flat, mounted on a circular plate, slightlyYou can do to tighten the pressure too tight, too tight if theCoffee drops too slowly or even drop out.
7 drops on the glass pot, then pour a little water, it is referred to here is to make coffee powder are wet but not dripping down standards. This step is also used follicular type coffee, jargon stuffy for about 20 seconds over the discharge of water about 90 degrees, put the full. Note: This step is not actually use a lot of controversy friends But to see the filter bowl to use the latest version of the Central Plains on coffee packaging printing and without this step So huh
8 cover and let stand a few minutes. Do not trickling stirring halfway onPot, in order to avoid fines perturbed drop the cup affect the taste.
9 lift the filter pot look, already trickling done!
10 with a stirring spoon to stir the whole cup of coffee. Or some people do not stirring, keep the following one last sweet condensed milk to drink together, to see their favorite strategy
11 Complete.