Free shipping 454g Coffee gene of the gene espresso coffee beans fresh green slimming coffee beans new 2014 cafe tea

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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Packaging: Bulk
place of production: china mainland
Coffee beans raw and cooked: coffee cooked beans
coffee type: italian coffee

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gene Size 2 half a pound of the loading : buy

contextual blenders ' upgrade the formula , manorial grade join the kenya beans , knowen the l4.50 friend a longstanding care and help , espresso bean blend sales rise steadily , there is the benefits of cost reduction , sale price reduce continuously ! ! !

gene Size 1 with gene Size 2 : the difference gene Size 1 the formula mixed with fixed proportion of the top water wash tower coffee , taste rich , strong , there are thick 's crema . gene Size 2 formula is 100% high altitude pure coffee cards o composition , taste clean point . slightly

multidigit coffee after audiophiles and cafe friend help test , all sides , gene Size 2 finally shaping .

this section by the espresso blend hundred-percent card o coffee mixed , including expensive manorial grade kenya
beans etc mixture

gene Size 2 italian coffee baking from in the deep , deep roast beans blending and into , relative to gene Size 1 the paragraph the espresso blend taste more moderate , pure , administrative levels feeling better .

suitable for use espresso machine , mocha pot the friend and kapok .

for don't like acid coffee , don't like heavy taste to friend , can choose the style of comprehensive coffee with hand impulse , hair pressure , syphon the zilina , pressure utensils making .

like hundred-percent card o assorted 's friend .