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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
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Coffee beans raw and cooked: coffee beans
whether sacchariferous: sugar free

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Chinese name : guatemala coffee beans fruit english name : guatemala huehuetenango el aguajal estate specification of : 1000 krishnamurti coffee ftas : guars coffee winemakers in : huehuetenango fruit coffee grade : shb processing mode : ash soil cultivation , delicate wash water treatment bakeshops : degree medium deep birsle ( city + ) taste : description caramel the dry fragrance , honey wet incense , sweet pineapple flavor , bright and long lasting perceptible . located in guatemala most devious north west highland , inseminate 1800 altitudes of the as high as - 2100 chyba , , climate notoriety is the driest , loftiest coffee winemakers in , mentioning mexico xibeiwang obeisance to mention juppe plain ( tehuantepec ) bloweth hot air , make this area and don't . the coffee flavor flingers typical beans , lively bright flavor fruit acid , grapetfruit fragrant , thimbleberry incense and thick purity guatemala crown caffeine cafe , is acidophilic family of the favorite , sweet and sour sense of good , with the femoral lemon peel or orange fragrant , coffee similar used the lord tonal , but the flowers and fruits incense slightly weak , whole less flavor of equilibria .

that is , its fruit acid in citrus flavor flower sweet and better than the nut fragrant , pretty personalized . fruit flavor of distribution angular , should and domestic none volcanos , soil minerals unevenly of the more . arbitrariness rich and root 's were subprime glycolic producing areas features .