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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Packaging: Bag
Place of production: china mainland

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2013 yuannan pu'er round beans , pro fast fast snapping up oh

desciption : yunnan small grain coffee round beans

selected : grade top round beans standard 14 in subheading this model of coffee beans for handmade pick .

place of : production yunnan puer tea

point : yunnan small grain round beans peaberry coffee beans , decorous , and another silk vigor and charming .

coffee cherry fruit worlddispensing general with two flat seeds relatively , if there is a heart of the cavum the bedding a growth beans seed the germinative , a fruit only a grain of small round beans ( malformation ) , the middle of a rimrocks runx3 , will call the pea shaped coffee beans peaberry ( ) . round beans peaberry ( ) baolang also called ray ( perle ) , paula ( perla ) , ( caracol ) .

normal card o coffee beans only 5% around the proportion of fruitlet coffee beans , volume because less and must screened 's steps , therefore more precious , its price than normal beans high round bean because coffee contains two half grain coffee beans nutrient , therefore flavors than general flat bean frothier .

in yunnan coffee growing region , locals also called round beans for & ldquo . unicellular beans & rdquo . . growth & 1400 at altitudes mdash . 1600 m , by many times machine and artificial first choice , beans tidiness type , concentrated palate aromatic , be seen as yunnan coffee .

bakeshops : middle degree ~ depth

taste : rich , balanced .

laumontitization : deposit Beans beans and overripe the same , storage very key , please choose material clean , smell , and can breathable material of breathing , such as hemp bags , straw braid bag etcetera . can't stowed in the direct sunlight , moisture .