FEN HUANG WHITE-PLUM (More than flesh type)

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Grade: AAA
Shelf Life: 12 MONTHS
Brand Name: FEN HUANG
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Apricot kernel
Weight (kg): 0.45

Product Description

Product name: FEN HUANG WHITE - PLUM

Product categories: apricot class

Ingredients: apricot embryo, edible salt, additives, saccharin sodium, citric acid, sweet, white pigment, sodium benzoate, tartrazine, sunset yellow

Product standard code: GB/T 100782

Food production license number:QS4451 1701 0420

Shelf life: 12 months under normal temperature

Method: open bags of instant

Storage methods: in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Production date: see positive packet

project per100g Nutrient reference value

energy 1133kj 13% protein 2.8g 5% fat 1.9g 3% carbohydrates 60.6g 20% sodium 633mg 32%