Factory outlets: high-end hotel restaurant coffee ceramic ceramics

price: US $140.00
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item Type: Black Tea
Num.: J1028
Material: Pottery
Microwave: unavailable
Style: Western
Pattern: Flowers
Place of origin: Guangdong Chaozhou
Surface Technology: Hand Painted

Product Description

Printed LOGO:Can
Custom processing:It is
Time to market:2012 winter
Price segment:100-200 yuan
Custom support:It is
One-time items:No
Is there a patent:No
Number Kits:Coffee
Category:Cutlery Set

Porcelain firing can be divided into several stages?
Blank firing is a quantitative change to qualitative change. Physical changes and chemical changes in staggered, complex changes, general porcelain firing process can be divided into four stages, namely: 1, evaporation period; 2, oxidative decomposition and crystal transformation period; 3 of glass into porcelain ; 4, the cooling-off period. Highest daily porcelain firing temperature is usually between 1250-1350 . However, the various stages of the specific division shall be in accordance with its formula, the raw material categories and their characteristics, firing into the temperature, firing range, shape, thickness and form of products like kilns decision.

Billet, glaze recipes What principle?
1, blank recipe has the following four principles; 1) according to the product's use, physical and chemical performance requirements, select the ratio of raw materials. 2) master the use of the chemical composition and properties of materials. 3) the ingredients should be adapted to the manufacturing process, and can scale production. 4) should make the best of rich mineral resources, grade and stable, easy to transport, and low cost. 2, glaze recipe with the following principles; expansion coefficient) should be close to the expansion coefficient of the glaze billet, and slightly smaller. 2) The composition should be able to ensure that the glaze during firing body is formed with a certain thickness of the intermediate layer. 3) to ensure that the glaze has good elasticity and tensile strength. 4) to join ordinary toner can have a good coloring effect. 5) glaze have the right process performance. 6) the glaze must have good melting properties, including melting temperature range, and melt properties. For a glaze firing products, require it to mature within the scope of the sintered body.

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