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  • Yunnan Coffea arabica due to the unique geographical environment (1200 meters high above sea level) and climatic conditions (temperature difference between day and night because of Yunnan), which contains substances conducive to the accumulation, so it gives the feeling of tasting thick but not bitter, fragrant but not strong, oil more fruity. World-class coffee expert evaluation is the world's best coffee, its cultivation techniques, a single world-class production

Production License No.: 530 521 010 002 product standards: Make: Baoshan Lu Yun Coffee Industry Development Co., Ltd. Address: Baoshan Longyang District No. 14 Long Yang Road, Longyang District, Baoshan City, Portland City neighborhood offices Dasha manufacturer contact : 13987564948 Ingredients: Yunnan Coffea arabica storage: store in a cool dry place Shelf life: 730 food additives: no packing: Packing brand: Yun Lu series: roasted coffee weight (g): 454 taste: the degree of acidity raw and cooked beans : Coffee beans are cooked sugar: sugar Origin: China province: Yunnan City: Baoshan degree baking: mild roasted coffee Type: other whether organic food: Yes.

Coffee enemas (Coffee Enema) method with the general enema similar, can bowel, row stool, but using a coffee enema. As early as two thousand years ago, Europe's ancient coffee enemas already documented, but when the First World War, the lack of anesthetics, coffee enemas because analgesic effect, the Germans had been patients at the time of surgery used to relieve the pain. Later, two German professors of Medicine to conduct a coffee enema test mice and found that not only bowel, pain, and promote liver detoxification effect, thus laying a coffee enema medical background.