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Wolfberry sweet peace , Chinese medicine believes that it can nourish liver and kidney , head and nourishing, enhancing people 's immunity. For modern people , the most practical efficacy of medlar is fatigue and lower blood pressure. In addition , Chinese wolfberry can nourish the liver , lowering blood sugar , soften blood vessels, lowering blood cholesterol , triglyceride levels, fatty liver and diabetes patients have a certain effect. It is clinically proven , wolfberry also the treatment of chronic renal failure.

You can eat wolfberry beauty, which is something that many people do not know . This is because , wolfberry can improve the skin's ability to absorb Oxygen , in addition, can also play a whitening effect.

Wolfberry , while having a good tonic and therapeutic effects , but not all of them are suitable for taking. Because of its warm body effect is quite strong, are fever , body inflammation , diarrhea, people better not to eat .

Eat wolfberry is the most suitable physical weakness, poor resistance . Moreover , we must uphold for a long , eat a little every day , in order to be effective.

Do not eat too much of any supplements , wolfberry is no exception. In general, healthy adults eat about 20 grams a day medlar more appropriate ; If you think of the treatment effect is best to eat about 30 grams a day . Now , a lot of experiments on animals proved toxic wolfberry , Chinese wolfberry is very safe food , which does not contain any toxins, long-term consumption. TCM very early " wolfberry health ," saying that a lot of people in life also like to use it soaked in water , soup or porridge. From the method of eating it , chew more conducive to play a direct health effects of wolfberry .

Eat wolfberry can " strong bones , resistance to cold and heat ." Modern research has also shown that it has enhanced immunity, anti-aging , anti-cancer effect, often used as a tonic to restore food. In addition to these health effects , the medicinal value of wolfberry is mainly reflected in diabetes , fatty liver, infertility, obesity, elderly night xerostomia , chronic atrophic gastritis and other diseases of adjuvant therapy. In addition, the Chinese wolfberry can improve the skin's ability to absorb nutrients , eat can play a whitening effect .

However , with wolfberry soaked or soup , the efficacy of which can not be fully realized. Influenced by water temperature, soak time and other factors, only some medicinal ingredients wolfberry release to water or soup . Direct mouth to chew , the absorption of nutrients in wolfberry will be more fully . But chewing wolfberry to note that the best food in the number halved , or easily nourishing excessive . In general, healthy adults eat about 20 grams a day medlar more appropriate ; If you think of the therapeutic effect, can eat about 30 grams a day . Wolfberry to choose when to pick those tablets , red , flesh , texture soft , sweet not bitter, sticky chewing teeth , and can be dyed red and yellow saliva , so the best quality wolfberry