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item Type: Black Tea
Packaging: Box
Shelf Life: 730 days
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Weight: 0.150
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Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Spices & Herbs

Product Description

  • Weight: 10g/bag, total 10 bags

    Package: Box

    Storage time: 730 days

    Usage: 1 bag for each day drink with water or milk Function: Anti-aging, Promote muscle, Increase Place of origin: Malaysia

Suitable for people: infants, lactating women , pregnant women

Consumption and consumption : Daily1-2Bag, add80mlBoiling water , stir to dissolve after drinking (water weight can be adjusted according to personal preferences )

Tips: Maca powder daily consumption should not exceed25Gram

Project NRV per 100 g %
1815 kJ of energy by 22%
Protein 2.6 g 4%
Fat 12.6 g 21%
- Trans Fat 0 g -
Carbohydrates 75.8 g 25%
203 mg of 10% sodium

MacaMACA, a growth in South AmericaPeruAndean plants on the plateau above four thousand meters above sea level . MACA has been for thousands of yearsThe IncasSeen as a divine gift of the Andes , in addition to the time of the Incas MACA as food to feed their families , but also surprised to discover that MACA can increase strength, enhance endurance and strength to resist fatigue , but they can enhance human and animal sexuality and fertility, which is amazing because of the effectiveness of MACA , MACA Incas add energy to rely on military individuals armpit strong and established unprecedented increase Indian empire .


MACA is rich in nutrients due to the high unit , the human body has the function of nourishing the physical , people have eaten energetic , exuberant spirit will not feel tired ; MACA and can promote metabolism , resistance to stress and enhance human and animal sexuality , fertility and milk secretion , and can eliminate menopausal disorders , slow down aging , increase brain activity , most of the infertility, frigidity, impotence and so on because of MACA and eleven eliminated. MACA units contain high nutrients and can quickly enhance physical characteristics , has now successfully opened the door to the international market , inUnited StatesThe two most well-known products " on the nutrition marketGinsengAndGinkgo" But also because of the nutritional value and nutrition than supply MACA MACA \\\'s been replaced . Maca as a modern health products and natural medicine is more and more international experts and medical experts in botany attention and research . Mainly around the Maca root nutrients , alkaloids and glucosinolates start. For some time , studies on the chemical constituents mainly MacaPeruLocal scientists.


Maca high amount of iron -containing protein ,Amino acids, Minerals zinc , taurine and other ingredients can obviously fight fatigue , enhance muscle endurance, resistance exercise-induced fatigue , strong immune system helps to enhance the body\\\'s resistance to disease, fight fatigue , increase energy , stamina, improve symptoms of anemia . Make skin look younger , more foot Manner .


Natural herbs nutrients can improve sperm count and active ability to make a man ejaculate powerful , longer range . Strong improve sexual performance of men , the penis is more sturdy and more hot, passionate sex prolong time , fuller penis larger .


Since MACA born in the barren plateau, must have superb energy to grow , because of its growth environment and characteristics , Maca can quickly add strength to eliminate fatigue , restore energy, but also a handful of drug testing by a qualified rapid physical enhancer.


Amino acid -rich proteins , polysaccharides , minerals and bioactive substances Majia unique alkenyl , Majia amide, effectiveShorten the reaction time , the rapid erection improve erection hardness , a radical improvement in the symptoms of impotence and premature ejaculation .


More than 90% of modern people are under pressure , Maca can improve due to the pressure caused by anxiety disorder and neurasthenia. In PeruLocal MACA is as relieve stress , eliminate anxiety natural herbs , but also to improve the symptoms of insomnia share .


Endocrine regulation against menopausal syndrome - a variety of alkaloids Maca can regulate the adrenal glands , pancreas, ovaries and other features, flatBalance the body\\\'s hormone levels , rich in taurine , protein, etc. can recuperate and repair of physiological functions , improve blood and relieve moreYear symptoms, thus contributing to the female hormone estrogen , face.


Promote increased and vitality of sperm and egg to help conceive , genital stimulation , activation capabilities.


So sober flexible , improve work efficiency , student learning progress, the ability to maintain memory in the elderly , people sober , clear thinking .


Until the mid-1990s ,ItalyScientists Dini A in 1994 for the first time systematically drawn Maca root in the chemical composition of the dry ingredients : protein content of over 10% (JuninLake protein content of more than 14% Maca varieties ), 59 % carbohydrate ; 8.5% fiber , contains a wealth of zinc , calcium, iron , titanium, rubidium , potassium, sodium , copper, manganese , magnesium, strontium, phosphorus, iodine and other minerals and vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, A, E, B12, B5, wherein the fat content is not high, but mostlyUnsaturated fatty acids, Linoleic acid and linolenic acid content of more than 53% natural active ingredients include alkaloids, glucosinolates and their decomposition products benzyl isothiocyanate , sterols, polyphenols , etc. . In 1999, American scientists discovered the Maca plant contains two new active ingredients , Maca amide (macamides) and Maca dilute (macaenes), and to determine the balance of these two substances on human hormones have a significant effect, so Mary card is also known as the natural hormone engines. In recent years, targeted research on Maca products , and also found several special Maca alkaloids, with further research , Maca in there will be more new active substances have been isolated and identified . And will be widely applied to the promotion of bio-engineering product development among .


Because Maca contains a variety of balanced nutrition and a variety of reasonable bioactiveSecondary metabolitesTherefore, Maca has a variety of health and healing function can be used to enhance the traditional energy, improve fertility, improve sexual function, treatmentMenopausal syndrome, Rheumatism , depression , anemia, in addition , it also has the effect of anti-cancer and anti- leukemia. These magical effect in recent years has aroused great interest of scientists around the world . Health and pharmacology , pharmacodynamics and clinical studies on nutrition Maca is in full swing worldwide. Bound to the development of the cause of human health and make greater contribution .NASA (NASA) will MACA as food for astronauts to perform essential tasks , because astronauts in space so important and dangerous mission must always maintain physical, mental clarity and response capability to maintain the best condition , MACA has these make it possible .Peru \\\'s firstHimalayasMountaineering expedition , select MACA as a mountaineering expedition in order to enhance the physical action of essential food , to accept the limits of human physical challenges . MACA also permitted the International OlympicAthletePhysical use of enhancers.


Maca products currently on the market a lot, but in general can be divided into three categories :Class 1 to Maca \\\'s meal as raw material, 100% MACA meal as raw material, due to insufficient amount taken , purity is not enough, this product is not easy to absorb short- taking body , taking the effect is not ideal ( Maca is a kinds of natural plants,AndesArea , the locals taking Maca plant life ) .Class 2,Maca ExtractAs part of the raw material, add other herbs ingredients, ingredient Maca truly scarce or can not be quantified , and expensive, the role played by Maca meager .Class 3 is the origin of Peruvian Maca embryo flour as the main raw material , these products because of patent support , guaranteed purification technology absorption effect is obvious, the body\\\'s absorption rate of 98 %.


1 , anti-fatigue, increase energy, stamina - Maca in amino acids, minerals zinc , taurine and other ingredients can significantly combat fatigue .2 , improve sexual function , increase sperm count and improve sperm motility - the uniqueThe biological active substanceMaca ene, Maca amide , which will help erectile function, improve sperm count and active capacity.3 , endocrine system , balance hormones - Maca alkaloids role in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to regulate the adrenal glands, pancreas , testes and other functions, to balance hormone levels .4 , kidney , impotence , impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, a new generation of delay, pure plant extracts , the magic of medicinal plants - Maca (MACA) Natural Viagra

1 , endocrine regulation,Against menopausal syndrome- A variety of alkaloids Maca can regulate the adrenal glands , pancreas, ovaries and other functions , balance the body\\\'s hormone levels , rich in taurine , protein, etc. can recuperate and repair of physiological functions , improve blood and relieve menopausal symptoms.2 , enhance immune function, anti-fatigue, anti- anemia- Maca contains high amounts of iron , protein, amino acids, minerals zinc and other strong immune system can help improve the body\\\'s resistance to disease, fight fatigue , improve symptoms of anemia .