357g ripe yun nan puer tea Special offer free shipping gets better cooked Pu’er tea “Seven cake” shu tea

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Packaging: Bag
Weight (kg): 0.357
Shelf Life: 10000
Age: 2 - 3 Years
Style: Compressed Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Certification: QS

Product Description

Raw materials used in Yunnan Menghai tea area six Dasan mountain tea each material, the authentic big leaves drying green raw tea, tea farmers store raw materials are going door to door to close up a little bit, all-natural green tea wool after moderately fermented and refined. Now, we come together to understand this tea bar

Analytical description:Recently, some friends bought with our response, said: "? I read a little different product images and received tea, tea packaging and QS card number before any connection is almost" Sorry did not tell you before description Sorry!

Here with you to resolve it, because this section is too big sales, production, however, so we find the addition of a co-producer, there are two manufacturers in the production of this section baby, two manufacturers [Food Production No license] is different, so there is a little packaging and QS certificate number difference, the two tea production of raw materials are the same, please rest assured purchase!

Through the amplification (the figure below), we can clearly see there are some tea this tea cakes diameter (commonly known as tea stems), because this tea is teaSevenMaterial pressed, so there will be some tea trails, and we want to explain here, the tea trail, not a tea stems, the leaves here are connected to a branch, each leaf, as tea is part of a large leaf tea

Tips:Recently Chayou our response to this that gets better cooked cake, production date is 2009, and I'm sorry! This is a slight problem with our warehouse management, because, on the side near the warehouse inventory in 2009 found a small amount of production, accidentally sent to the wrong. I secretly told pro, if you receive a 2009 tea, earn big! Pu'er tea gets better, the longer the drink prices higher your know ........

There are many new Chayou asked, tea cakes what pry pry how good? We suggest that you choose a good tea needle pry tea, because tea fine needle tip is easier to pry pry tea tea cake ,, good method is to pry from the back of the tea cake,As shown below:

Pry finished tea, we come together to brew our tea taste it!

These are the easy way to brew tea tureen, we are not necessarily hard to use tureen brewing tea, many tea can be, such as teapot, teapot, tea cup, elegant Cup, love to see how people like foam on how bubble

Here with the big presentationSimple ,, fast, and convenientElegant brew tea cup!

Read the brewing process above is not very simple ah, just one elegant cup, simple steps,EasyA few minutes a cup of tea. None You are inHome, office or business travelAnywhere you can feel the charm of tea!

Sign tea bottom: shoots fat, stretch dynamic resistance, good bubble level, will not be broken tea, tea seven regular feeding system!

Has sold 50,000 sets, is the starting point, not the end, if you read so many still hesitate, then you'll be sorry! !

Tips: As the commodity production capacity, not a day can produce complete, so the date will be different, commodity date you receive the goods subject to this figure is for reference only, such as friends the very mind the date , please carefully shot!