2008 year Yunnan Pu’er tea pu erh tea puer leaves old glutinous rice cooked fragrant puer tea brick Menghai vintage gold leaf

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAA
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Shelf Life: the longer the better
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Brick
Certification: QS
Weight (kg): 0.250

Product Description

2008 year Yunnan Pu'er tea pu erh tea puer leaves old glutinous rice cooked fragrant puer tea brick Menghai vintage gold leaf

Brand:Jeep No.
Series:No. Jeep ban chang old gold leaf
Special products category:Tea
Place of origin:Chinese mainland
Tea Area:Menghai tea area

Ban Zhang old gold leaf let Chayou at night and think of four charm:

Menghai Brown Mountain Area Chapter of the big leaf classes fermented feed,Smooth sweetness is good ; soup translucent ; jujube fragrant significant ; resistant foam degrees is excellent.

Chen real five-year period , Kunming pure dry warehouse .I believe its stored value , the direction of change will be better.

Packaging from the traditional tribute tea " Mengla region ," the traditional bamboo shell packaging techniques and processes ;Brick neat , delicate, custom branding ,Specifically for the store and old customers. Visionary Chayou missed.

Treasurer always liked bamboo shell tiles, even a little like this back to the ancient tradition of packaging.

For this reason, every time I go talk to friends drinking tea shop I always intentionally or unintentionally, bamboo shell tiles around to look good on the entire collection directly down ! Trapped in this world of steel and concrete ,Are you like me occasionally , like nature, ecology , all authentic !

[ Brick ] on big leaf

Old class Chapter Needless to say, whenever a little understanding of the tea 's friends all know the story of the old class and the old class Chapter Chapter .

Yellow piece big leaf mainly popular argument for the "big leaf brick "

Big leaf tiles only relatively low level only, but we are rigorously screened , including heart , oh no !After pry the cord is intact , without any very fine , very clean !

[ True ] the continuation of the traditional regression

Chapter No. Jeep classes follow the old gold leaf brick packs the most traditional way , bamboo shell packaging , bamboo packs , all handmade .

To this end ,In particular, we ask the old master Wu Yi region who help continue the traditional processing techniques .The reason I believe that many heads are familiar with the tea , as the birthplace of tea is the most popular tea area ,Wu Yi tea area has retained the traditional processing techniques, such as hand- stone , such as bamboo shell packs ......

[ Tea ] face full appreciation of the cable

Leaves context clear , streak intact , the most critical - the tea quality is very clean ; tea cohabitation of the market , a variety of tea quality is uneven, but also we have been one health concern .

Jingmai Yunnan Camellia Industry Co., Ltd. Since being established , it has been attached great importance to the health of this link, about this , we will come to you in detail about the next step - how we do this part of the health tea . Please everyone's attention .

[ 7 material how bubble ?

As the 7-9 grade material pressure tea, tea is recommended investment amount of about 8-10 grams.

Because tea is placed in Kunming , the first two wasted little bit muddy color , the brighter the bulb will be more later , and now recommend drinking tea wash wash two bulbs. However, this does not affect the taste affirms Oh !

The third bubble began to drink : drink up big leaf brick popular reason , the main reason is thatIts taste is sweet , sweet smooth lubrication. Jujube flavor aroma are very comfortable.

[ Securinega clean and free of impurities, good activity ]

Collectible large leaf tiles : low-level tea collection worthwhile? The answer is yes, the tea gets better with features, of course , too big leaf brick !Now the thousands of bricks on the market during the Cultural Revolution , River City bricks are rhubarb slices of tea pressure .