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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: special grade
Shelf Life: 9999999999
Age: 5 - 10 Years
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Style: Compressed Tea
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Product Description

[Effect] Jasmine Mini Da

Since ancient times, with its elegant jasmine fragrance, simple yet elegant, deep love for people, it is used for decoration and ornamental. Meanwhile, Jasmine also has high medicinal value, health function and beauty effect. Jasmine has a refreshing effect, can stabilize mood and relieve depression, there Weiruo, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases are advised to drink, constipation, abdominal pain and headache can also help.

[2008] Jasmine mini-cooked DaLeather gift boxes, each box 12, the packaging is simple, clean, clean, environmentally friendly. Taeshina new six different flavors powered mini gift boxes for you to buy, whether you are send to friends, send family or their own drinking, they are the best choice yo! Taeshina choose tea, clean, sanitary allows you to buy rest assured that drinking Shuxin!

[2008] Jasmine mini-cooked DaThis product is cooked Pu'er tea as raw material, with the right amount of jasmine into the mold at high temperature autoclave molding, product appearance, cord delicate, uniform, significantly cents, bar and complete. Light to carry, each piece a bubble, easy to carry, is office space, to travel indispensable drinks.

[2008] jasmine tea Mini Tuo a diagram showing details

Small Tuo, attractive packaging, grains, 5 grams each tablet, light smell jasmine rich!

Jasmine tea is a traditional tea after the addition of jasmine tea in fine obtained, its fragrant and elegant, sweet and alcohol Yu, go tired clean mouth, and gas benefits of God, is a good thirst quenchingDrinks.

[2008] Jasmine mini-cooked Da

Jasmine tea Mini Tuo is where the aroma of flowers and the most concentrated, open tissue, jasmine will Qinru Heart, into the water, fragrant, refreshing.

[2008] jasmine tea Mini Tuo cooked details of the plan

Da surface smooth, flat, of the cable uniform, jasmine petals clearly, aroma, sipGas benefits of God, is a good thirst quenchingDrinks.

[2008] jasmine tea Mini Tuo cooked details of the plan

Tea cord clear, color black run, jasmine petals visible, distribute fragrance, lingering.

Jasmine tea with beauty slimming, soothing nerves, regulate hormone secretion and has a laxative effect, long-term sitting in front of the computer and sisters must have a lot of people have constipation problems now, long-term drinking jasmine tea can effectively improve This problem oh. Office optimum daily rations of tea, what are you waiting?

[2008] jasmine tea Mini Tuo cooked soup diagram open

Open tea soup, soup alcohol red, bright, rich floral. Jasmine tea blend rhyme, the fragrance of flowers in one, drink jasmine tea, a tea taste like works of art.

[2008] Da cooked jasmine tea Mini Figure

Jasmine tea is herbal tea in the aroma of the most concentrated, just into the water, bubble tea is not open you can smell the jasmine, and a short while fragrant, subtly perfume.

[Brewing Tips]Jasmine cooked da mini brew, wash the tea, boiling water injection can stay for about eight seconds, with tea wake up after opening,It is noteworthy that control the nausea soak time (per the soup for about 5 seconds), nausea bubble should not be too long, soak for too long, the taste will be astringent. 2008 Series Mini Da Da mini tea is tea plus a variety of herbal tea, etc. pressed more flavors you taste yo.

[2008] Da cooked jasmine tea Mini Figure

Tragic jasmine aroma, the tea's mellow and refreshing, pleasant fragrance.

[2008] Da cooked jasmine tea Mini Figure

From the tea gently blowing the nose can feel the touch of elegant jasmine Fei immersed in the heart! Alcohol red, translucent tea, one can not help immediately to suck on!

Taeshina new flowers mini Tuo total of six different taste, any parent can choose according to their taste and flowers features!

Cup of Pu'er, from the inside out, from the mouth and heart, as time rhythm, epiphany life Jervis. For thousands of years, long tea, how many literati affect mood; meditation tea, Wu thought the road of life, light tea, refreshing, looking back, cable Wu affair.