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item Type: Oolong Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Age: New
Brand Name: kuandaoyingyun
Style: Blooming Tea
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Da hong pao strainer tea infuser bags Oolong coffee healthy Sweet producer Chinese Black tea

Big Red Robe,Dahongpao,Wuyi yan Cha, ------Free Shipping
Gross Weight: 9g keep the tea fresh and easy to drink
Season: New dete Quality: Class AAAAA Storage time: 24 month
Originates from Mount Wuyi in Northern Fujian of China. It grows in central part of the Wu Yi Mountains known for its mineral rich soil.
Among all Bohea teas, Da Hong Pao has the best reputation. Da Hong Pao is a myth of Chinese tea, since so many mythic stories about it but so rare it is--it's said only several liangs available each year. The "TRUE" Da Hong Pao is nearly impossible to gain.
The original Dahongpao is made from the tea plants which grown in a cliff in wuyi mountain. The location of that cliff is named "Nine Drgaon Cave". Throughout the year, the transudatory fountain from crevices between rocks nourish the six "Da hong pao" tea plants which survive after one thousand years. Dahongpao plants is the natural peerless production. Each 50g of "TURE"; Da hong pao is sold at thousands US dollars.
The tightly twisted leaves of Dahongpao are greenish brown in color. The orange tea liquid come with strong floral fragrance. After tasting, the fragrance will last in your mouth for long time.
The Da hong pao tea available in tea market is made from tea plants which cloned from the original "Da hong pao" plants in cliff.
Health Benefits:
(Oolong or Wu-long tea) is well know for weight loss, the semi-fermented process result to Oolong contains special compunds, Researchers at the Suntory Research Center in Osaka, Japan found that drinking wu long tea15 minutes before eating foods high in carbohydrates curbed rises in insulin, thus reducing some of the fattening effects of carbohydrate intake.

Studies show that drinking Oolong during or after a high-cholesterol meal has been shown to lower the intake of fat content in the blood.

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