Yunnan Pu’er tea cooked cake jade wholesale slimming coffee slimming Mini Tuo Tuo small flowers scattered tea Specials

price: US $45.00
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item Type: Black Tea
Shelf Life: 12 months or more ( months )
Product Category: Pu'er
Whether imports: No
Whether pre-packaged food: No
Country of origin: Yunnan
By way of sale: Bulk
Production Date: 2011

Product Description

Health License:532 714 010 260
Product standards:DB53 / 103-2006


" Product name " Jade Coffee Cake

" Raw material " of Yunnan large leaf tea tree

" Production process " ripe Pu'er tea

" Net content " 500 grams ( a price )

" Production date " 2011

" Shelf Life " gets better

" Save method " dark ventilation proof anti- odor

" Processing enterprises " Luyuan ecological Pu'er tea

Product really making plans

Buying advice

Thank you for coming here !Our shop just opened , we are not yet had the goods in our shop intoI do not know tea is good , the quality of how , not to mention all of a sudden a lot of stock

The first time you acquire a collaboration of some 1 kg Price high to try to get a catty backCompare, feel the taste , price satisfaction , come wholesale.Love you again !

IntroductionChina is the homeland of tea , tea is the national drink in China, listing the years without failure ! " Pu'er tea Luyuan Ecology " was founded in 1999 , Green ecological tea uphold the fine tradition of hard-working people to carry forward the unique Puer " victories " of the spirit , from a single tea farmers to merchants ; from merchants to factories ; to go from factory scale , brand, based in the hometown of Pu'er tea , talented persons . Currently owned by a corporate elite in the tea industry, the technical team and many brand management , marketing experts , and they have a wealth of experience and insights in their respective fields , to protect the tea production process and product quality among the industry leaders. Actively promote the company's intelligent information technology, process management process , with the financial and human resources are two fulcrum , integration technology, market , several major logistics and logistics platform within the enterprise to establish the value of the community , for the development of enterprises into a scientific and effective competitive advantage.
Substantial tea company to introduce internationally advanced equipment, and packaging factory from raw materials to finished the whole process of upgrading the controllability in the direction of specialization and standardization to build and establish a benchmark for the industry. Another in the "people -oriented, quality first ; customer-centric , innovative quality brand " approach , adhere to the " people I have not , I have new people, new me, who abandoned me to take, people take me I " business purposes , to pursue high-quality, low-cost core strategic market

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Shipping Notice
  • There are four modes of transportation :

    Yunnan Province can send EMS within the first 10 kg of 10-15 yuan. Added weight 1 yuan a kilogram

    I. rhyme delivery

    1. Yunnan and Sichuan , ChongqingGuangxi, Guangdong and Hainan Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi , FujianJiangsu, Shanghai and Shandong Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Henan and Hebei , ShaanxiThe first re-eight yuan a kilogram of added weight 5 yuan one kilogram

    2. Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang Gansu, Ningxia and QinghaiFirst weighs 9 yuan a kilogram of added weight 6 yuan one kilogram

    3. Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, TibetFirst weight 15 yuan a kilogram of added weight 15 yuan one kilogram

    II. China Post EMS Economy Express

    Transport prices and the pass almost every place all over the country the advantage is that the rhyme express less than the recommendations made EMS Economy ExpressSpecific pricing, please check the official website of EMS , EMS Economy Express price query URL

    III. Debon Logistics

    There Nadu logistics network where you can sendAbout 1.6 to 3.6 yuan a kilogram , usually from 15 kg or 20 kg HairBecause of transport fares starting 30 yuan or 40 yuan , but also according to the weight of less than 30 yuan , 40 yuanTimeliness is 4-7 days arrivalSpecific subject according to the official website Nadu logistics freight is 10% off our official website NaduDebon logistics official

    Four . SF Express

    SF Express standard first weight 22 yuan 1 kg of added weight 10 yuan a kilogram section except in remote areasSF Express deals in the first weight 18 yuan 1 kg of added weight section 5 yuan a kilogram , except in remote areas

    Specific subject according to the official website of the SF ExpressSF Express official

    You have the flexibility to select the mode of transport according to their own situation .