RF01 genuine counter – Xuanjin Phoenix – bone china coffee cup and saucer – enamel porcelain – Franz – Franz

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item Type: scented tea
Product Category: Tea
Num.: 01
Material: Porcelain
Place of origin: Jiangxi Province
Surface Technology: Hand Painted
Whether with a tea tray: No
Whether imported: No

Product Description

Product specifications

Product Origin


[Product Material]

High white porcelain

[Commodity color]


[Commodity rank]

First grade

[Product Technology]



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Send friends and family to send their own colleagues can wear

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Direct manufacturers, network Direct, reduce intermediate links.

Product Remarks

Flashing porcelain luster, jade stones, bright pure, rich sense of permeability of color, coloring distinctive, like Bao Shi Meiyu wins amber agate!

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NameGolden Peacock Suit

Place of OriginChina Jingdezhen
CapacityCup: 11 * 7.5 * 8.5cm; Singles: 18.5 * 12 * 3.5cm; spoon: length 14cm capacity 160ml
MaterialQuality bone china

ScopeModern style decoration friends gift birthday gifts Business gifts - Gift Box

[Products]: Ceramic permanent do not fade, do not fade glaze, lead-free, they do not artificially break, a hundred years is still available as new. Commonly used better longevityAfter steaming, boiling, dip, cross-sectional, scraping, grinding, stickers, scissors, iron, paste, grinding, glazing, firing, gilt combination dozen elaborate procedures, general works need a week or so skilled, complex work takes more than 25 days to complete its process is quite complex.


Can support high-end hardware ranging from 50-100 dollars gift

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You can choose the wooden base

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