Promotion premium Chinese Yunnan puer tea 357g China the tea pu er Old tree raw puerh tea shen cha for health care products

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Packaging: Bowl
Brand Name: Pu'Er Tea
Weight (kg): 357g
Shelf Life: 7300days
Style: Compressed Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Certification: QS

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Promotion premium Chinese Yunnan puer tea 357g China the tea pu er Old tree raw puerh tea shen cha for health care products

Gross weight :about 357g

Pu-Erh Tea health function:

Puerh is a large leafed tea from the Yunnan province in China and has been famous as a medicinal tea. The secret of making Pu er has been closely guarded in China for centuries. The tea leaves are collected from growers of a special broad-leaf tea tree, which are said to be related to ancient prehistoric tea trees.

Puer Tea Function:

1.Health tea is rich in polyphenols, anti-radiation, anti-cancer, sex is cool, heat, summer heat, detoxification, thirst-quenching fluid, digestion, constipation and other effects;

2. Cooked, fermented tea, in the action of the enzyme, but also generate a lot of new nutrients, and therefore on the basis of ordinary tea, there are more effects, such as: lipid-lowering, weight loss, lowering blood pressure, anti-atherogenic , anti-cancer, anti-cancer, stomach Huwei, protect teeth, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-aging.

Raw Tea:

Tea cake of color and aroma - tea cake with green tea, dark green-based, some turn red and yellow, the new tea cake flavor usually obvious (here say the taste is not the taste of tea, you smell the cake surface directly taste on) if high temperatures, there are drying sweet incense.

Taste - taste strong, high irritation, if the high temperature, the tea fragrance, sweet water and thin, slightly astringent.

Soup - with green, green-based.

Securinega - new tea products to green, yellow-green, dark green-based, high activity, the more flexible and elastic.

Ripe tea:

Tea cake color and aroma - tea cake tea color is black or reddish-brown, and some bud is dark golden yellow with a thick pile-flavor, similar to the musty, fermented longan light has a similar flavor, fermentation heavy Ownership stuffiness mats flavor.

Taste - thick sweet water, almost no bitterness, resistant foam.

Soup - degree of fermentation mostly crimson light, severe degree of fermentation mainly black.

Securinega - fermentation degree Securinega light is red-brown, but not flexible, re-fermented by Yedi much dark brown or black, hard and brittle.

"Trees porn "In many tea lovers , enthusiasts have in mind a certain status , of course, some people scoffed. " Porn " , that the white tea leaves on the old , because most of the old leaves a long time will yellowed , "yellow sheet " hence the name. We are picking process raw sieve , put the cable loose, bulky, not part of the process in rolled strips , according to the production standards of this part of the screen to pick up fresh tea leaves , tea trees because it is so singled out .

Jingui tea trees today, it is cheap and pornographic films palatable , and as rations will also economic lot of tea , as a collection , it can also feel free to have a taste of precious trees pornographic films or very uplifting .

Stomach can not drink raw tea you do not have to worry about , because the leaf tissue is thick, sweet tea , so you like to drink raw tea no longer afraid to drink the stomach , drink affect sleep.

This tea is great hot drink , cook and drink will let you Gengshuang , pleasant stay cool , cool spirit of Bel bar

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[ Raw materials ] : Yunnan Pu'er tea( Yi Wu trees ) porn

[ Product type ]: raw tea, tea cakes

[ Workers Arts ]: handmade stone repression

[Specification] : 357 g / piece7 / mention6 mention / the whole ( 42 )

[ Repression Date ]: May 2011

[ Storage ]: clean, airy , dry, odor-free , avoid direct sunlight

[ Shelf Life ] : Under storage conditions suitable for long-term storage


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

In Yiwu When closed tea, we will after picking tea farmers who , in the fixing and will pick up part of the screen look like a bad pick up leaves , but when entering the rolling process , tender shoots will be rolled into the cable , some slightly old roll it up , is still a large stretch , we will close with this tea store it .

The yellow piece of quality and quality of our raw materials selected Wu Yi tea flush is consistent ,Trees pornographic films are basically the third leaf. Just being picked because of poor shape , but that does not mean bad quality. Instead, Huang piece of leaf tissue due to thick , anti-With sweet mellow taste and lasting resistant foam Kyo.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

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Trees porn is not bitter astringent taste , unique flavor , unlike raw tea leaves so Shangwei. So, pornographic films without landscapes , in the year you can go on happily drink it, I drink several different years of pornographic films is concerned, it also has a mellow quality that gets better features . Of course, there is a premise must be old enough yellow sheet .The tea used in about 300 years oldReally no millennium. But this year is such a rare piece of yellow .

The yellow piece of sweetness much higher than ordinary tea , tea , whether it is gas , aroma , mellow and smooth feeling very good . In addition, most able to drink the yellow piece , in fact, trees are good, that is to say a lot of old tea for tea , wild tea on the yellow sheet . Because the base of tea in the tea regularly manage picking, most will not have the old yellow leaves .

Old tea on tea, foliage and tall, less is not easy to adopt , so it is precious, and after aging porn absolutely outstanding taste . Pornographic films converted fast , heavy and mellow cotton slip , sweet quickly , smell the aroma seems to have a lengthy Fu Yulan Xiang ! This tea is no bitterness ,

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

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Astringency is very low, since the third bubble back to Gan , the fifth bubble began to change from every tongue sweet taste buds , and secrete large amounts of saliva and continued all day. After drinking the whole body is feeling moist , saliva little more slowly swallowing all day .

PS:Yellow piece of brewing tea can be a little a little more investment amount , the most critical is the water must be open, soak time must be enough , otherwise the taste will not be able to fully demonstrated. As for how much investment bubble tea and how long you need according to your taste and explore a little longer. Tea lovers can also try to cook yellow piece tea to drink, cook 10 minutes or so, more able to reflect creamy soft porn sweet tea characteristics .

Particularly large yellow piece tea leaves , yellow, black leaf slightly( Mature leaves of the tea leaves of the third , after dried was black ), Occasionally tea stems , this is a normal phenomenon , but also a small amount of sweet tea stems . If you can not accept , or have questions may consult tea pro or carefully shot after shot .

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