new crop original dried goij berry chinese wolfberry sweet goji berries

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Place of Origin: CN;NIN
Grade: AAAAA
Brand Name: GoJi Berry King
Packaging: Bag
Weight (kg): 0.5
Item Type: Herbal
Shelf Year: 2 years
Style: Loose Bag

Product Description

Dried Chinese wolfberry/goji berries 250g/bag,2bags/lots

Chinese wolfberry is the dry fruit of Lycium barbarum L. and is helpful in every aspect.

Its leaf,seed and root are all valuable in medicinal used.

Nutrient content:

Chinese Wolfberry contains significant percentages of a day's macronutrient needs –carbohydrates, protein, fat and dietary fiber. About 68% of the mass of dried wolfberries

exists as carbohydrate, 12% as protein, and 10% each as fiber and fat, giving a total caloric

value in a 100-gram serving of 370 (kilo)calories

Main function:

1.tonifying kidney and nourishing lungs

2.cure lumbar genu aching and limp

3.treat for dizziness and blurred vision,cough

4. Attending impotence; consumptive cough; diabetes citation drink.

Clinical function:

1.cure diabetes mellitus

2.treat for vomiting of pregnancy

3.remedy for chronic atrophic gastritis can also used in cooking and making tea