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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Brand Name: new
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bowl
shelf life: 730 days
weight: 400g
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Product Description

81pcs variety of tastes chinese Puerh Tea Puer Ripe Tea Healthy Slimming

9 style 81pcs Mini Tuocha

flavour:Jasmine Peach flowers Lotus Sticky rice Rose Original Yunnan black tea Lavender Chrysanthemum

shelf life:730 days
Packages cycle:one month

Comes in a personality bag as the picture

effect:weight loss, refresh,anti-aging, anti-flu, enhance immunity, anti-cancer, anti-radiation, diuretic, etc.

Puerh tea has significant weight loss,After slightly fermented it have a lot of beneficial bacteria and mild tea Of great benefit to the stomach

Jasmine tea: relax the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation,Strong heart the liver ,Lowering blood pressure ,lowering fire

Peach flowers tea: bowel detoxification,Beauty Face and Loss Weight

Lotus tea: clearing summer-heat and damp,Hypolipidemic effects,weight loss

Sticky rice tea: resolve toxin with clearing coolness,Treatment women leucorrhea

Rose tea: endocrine balance,enrich the blood,soothe liver and harmonize stomach ,Improve physical fitness

Yunnan black tea: Heating warm abdominal, enhance the body 's resistance to the cold,easy Digestion ,drive out greasy

Lavender tea:treat headache,cough,insomnia,Relieve nervous tension and drive out tired

Chrysanthemum tea: resolve toxin with clearing coolness and nourishing the liver to improve visual acuity

Original tea: Warm stomach,lipid-loweringing ,lose weight,reduce blood press ,anti-aging,radioresistance,antitoxic,etc.

Healthy Slimming One Day Drinks Raiders

Early morning:one lotus tea or sticky rice tea= bowel detoxification, clear bother

A.M.:one Chrysanthemum tea or Plain Tea =Refreshing Liver eyesight

P.M.:one rose tea or peach flowers tea =Eliminate irritability beautify skin

Evening:one lavender tea or jasmine tea =Relieve fatigue and Relax lose weight