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Please note 1 because the display problem may display the effect of different, please a lot of understanding 2 manual measurement errors, please understand, thank you 3.Products can be sold by x*100g, if you buy x*100g please contact us 4.This product may in the transport process appear compression, resulting in product deformation or a stale, please a lot of understanding or contact us. Thank you 5.The seller's English level in general, if there is any problem in the translation, please forgive 6.10 stores before the purchase of a surprise! Hawthorn, edible plants, stone fruit, qualitative hard, thin flesh, taste slightly acidity. Deciduous shrubs. Branches densely, thin, young branches pilose. Branchlets puce, LaoZhi beige. Can prevent cardiovascular disease. Hawthorn is unique to Chinese medicine combination tree species. Hawthorn also called dried crataegus pinnatifida, crabapple, rouge fruit, dried crataegus pinnatifida rosaceae plants or hawthorn dried ripe fruit, qualitative hard, thin flesh, sweet and sour moderate, unique flavor. Hawthorn has high nutritional value and medical value, older people often eat haw products can enhance appetite, improve sleep, maintain a constant bone and calcium in the blood, prevent atherosclerosis, so hawthorn is regarded as "longevity food". Hawthorn taste acid temperature, qi and blood and walk, new blood, blood without harming the line without harming healthy atmosphere gas, used in meat stagnant syndrome, abdominal pain, diarrhea, colic pain, stasis abdominal pain of chest pain, lochia is endless, menstrual cramps, vomiting blood, stool, etc. The modern use of this product agents in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, bacterial dysentery, etc., all have good curative effect. Hawthorn contains large amounts of vitamin C and trace elements, can dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, can improve and promote the excretion of cholesterol and reduce blood fat, prevent the occurrence of hyperlipidemia, hawthorn can appetizing promote digest, hawthorn of lipase can also promote fat digestion. Hawthorn contains flavonoids and vitamin c and carotene can block and reduce the generation of free radicals, can strengthen the body immunity, anti-aging, anti-cancer anti-cancer. Hawthorn can promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, helping to eliminate blood stasis status, the auxiliary treatment of injuries. Hawthorn is a uterine contraction function, has effect on pregnant women in labor. Hawthorn mainly contain flavonoids, low poly flavanol, organic acids, trace elements, in addition to containing triterpene, steroids and organic amine, etc. In recent years, hawthorn in fall hematic fat, fall blood pressure, cerebral blood resistance and its mechanism has made significant progress.

1 function: hawthorn expand peripheral vascular and have lasting antihypertensive effect, especially for cold-blooded antihypertensive effect of longest, when hawthorn should share the soup, and greatly enhance its antihypertensive effect, and the action time is extended.

2 against myocardial ischemia: hawthorn flavonoids can alleviate myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury of ecg ST segment changes, increase the serum NO concentration, reduce the myocardial ischemia reperfusion myocardial tissue malondialdehyde (MDA) level. Hawthorn polymerization flavonoids can rabbit experimental myocardial infarction narrow scope. Literature reports, hawthorn extract can inhibit ischemia-reperfusion (LDH) in serum of rats, enhance the vitality of SOD, reduce the generation of MDA, thus protecting myocardium, reduce myocardial cell injury caused by ischemia-reperfusion.

3 adjusting blood lipid: hawthorn flavonoids showed a significant regulating blood lipid, the blood vessel function injury in rats caused by hyperlipidemia has obvious protective effect, with hawthorn match definitely zhi-qian Chen wu decoction in the treatment of dyslipidemia patients 65 cases showed that TC, LDL - C declined significantly after treatment, compared before and after treatment, all have very significant difference, the significance of its 89.2% efficient.

4 anti cerebral ischemia action: hawthorn leaves flavonoids can obviously improve the model of LDH and SOD vitality in mice, game focal cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in mice brain tissue has obvious protective effect, its mechanism is related to the antioxidant.

5 effect on blood rheology: hawthorn flavones three doses (80, 40, 20 g/kg), acute blood stasis model rats were lower than whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity and erythrocyte deposited of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis. Hawthorn alcohol extract of middle and low cut had significantly lower than the whole blood viscosity role.

6: the function of endothelial cells of different doses of hawthorn caused by oxidative modification of low density lipoprotein cholesterol (hdl-c) injury of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (EC) and direct effect of EC indicate that hawthorn can inhibit oxidative modification of low density lipoprotein, reduce the formation of lipid peroxides, blocking the production of harmful substances, can be through direct effects on endothelial cells, regulating endothelial cell function, enhance endothelial cell resistance to harmful factors, and tolerance, thus protecting endothelial cells from damage.

7 the digestive system function: hawthorn can single application, also with the divine comedy, malt, radish seed, such as compatibility, strengthen the disappear of the work product. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B, carotene, and a variety of organic acids, oral can increase the secretion of digestive enzymes in the stomach, contained protease, fatty acid, can promote digest meat decomposition.

8 sugar metabolism and antioxidant effect: 6% hawthorn water decoction can obviously reduce the high fat diet rats fasting serum insulin and MDA level, indicates that it can improve the high-fat diet rats insulin hematic disease, strengthen the body resistance to lipid oxidation, the mechanism may be related to regulate sugar metabolism, its efficacy material base may be associated with st John's wort and ursolic acid.

Hawthorn medicine eat double value, our country is rich in hawthorn, rich in natural resources, economic budget. In recent years, its prevention and control role in heart diseases of the cardiovascular system become the focus of many scholars, have hope to become the new development of drugs for the prevention and control of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Not only haw can be developed into a variety of health care products, but also can extract the active ingredients, made preparations used for clinical purposes, has wide development prospects.

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Hawthorn taste sour, after heating, can become more acid, edible should immediately after brushing your teeth, or good for dental health. Teeth can eat haw to those who are afraid of acid products. Takes diet hawthorn pregnant women in order to avoid induced abortion, spleen and stomach. Had lower blood sugar and children don't eat hawthorn. Hawthorn cannot hollow eat, hawthorn contain lots of organic acid, tartaric acid, hawthorn acid, citric acid, etc., eat on an empty stomach, can make the stomach acid, cause undesirable stimulation to gastric mucosa, make gastric distention, pantothenic acid, if eat on an empty stomach will increase hunger and worsen existing stomach pain. In addition the market is flooded a lot of dyeing hawthorn need to attract attention. Raw hawthorn contains tannic acid and hydrochloric acid in gastric juice combined with easy to form a bezoar, it is difficult to digest. If a bezoar long time to digest out it could cause gastric ulcer, stomach bleeding, and even gastric perforation. Therefore, we should try to eat less raw hawthorn, especially the gastrointestinal function of weak people should be more cautious. The doctor advised, the best will hawthorn cooked before eating.