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Age: 21 - 30 Years
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Style: Compressed Tea
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Puer tea in a certain area of yunnan province of yunnan large leaf bask in shai qing as raw material, after after fermentation processed into loose tea and compression

Tea. "Tea" harvest: general points, spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. April 2 - fresh tea harvested, with 15 days after the tomb-sweeping day More mining for top grade tea, a bud leaf, the bud core thin and white; Summer tea harvested, July 5 - said rain tea, such as production properly, Fresh tea tea; Autumn tea in October 8 - collecting, said valley scented tea, tea quality is inferior to spring, summer tea; Rarely harvest tea, tea farmers only A moderate amount of harvest their drinking. How hot drink puer tea 1, brew tea chooses which can avoid areca tea soup too thick, suggest appropriate material chooses ceramic POTS, ZiShaHu; 2, brew tea consumption about 5-10 grams, appropriate USES 95-100 degrees of boiling water. Brewing time 1-3 minutes, view the tan, the kind of red When wine is preferred. Again long, black, is bad. Can also according to individual be fond of shade to determine brewing time. 3, wen run is indispensable to brew tea program. Warm bubble can remove the tea dust, awaken the tea "real taste", Brew speed should be fast; 4, drinks the tea must strike wen xiang, raise a glass to their nose, can feel the smell of Chen fragrant, the feeling of decorous ooze heart carefree; 5, with careful pu 'er, sipping entrance, where it really gets rhyme, feeling tea through his teeth and gums, full of aromatic, sweet Lou "oneself", refreshing, lasting do not come loose not thirsty, this is the best feelings of pu 'er "rhyme".

A, brew

Water: ripe tea with boiling water to 100 raw tea water temperature in about 90 or so, with mineral water, mountain spring, pure water for brewing tea The tea is in good taste. Unfavorable use tap water, in order to avoid chlorine damage tea nutrients, affect the tea taste. Tea: recommended, tureen, various product cup elegant cups, purple sand, tureen puer tea can fully feel the puer tea brewing Full-bodied palate aloes, cup, suit to be used in simple office tea elegant cups. Choose are recommended, tureen appropriate chooses big belly Second, the loose tea Puer tea from tradition, and there are many ways in the form of such as cake tea, brick tea, TuoCha etc, pry puer tea need special tea or tea Cone to take tea, correct operation is puer tea or tea cone from the edge of the tea and side inserts, thumb pressure tea, with force Pry the tea assumes the block. Recent need easy drinking tea to tea all pry after dissolution with purple sand pot store best, professional term In derisively called "tea" wake up. Third, brewing process For tea: according to the characteristics of the number of tea drinking and tea production, pu 'er tea quantity is about 4 to 5 grams, due to the puer tea water Out content is rich, so the choice to adapt to the tea set, the standard of brewing techniques, usually a tea can be repeatedly brewed more than 10 times. XiCha: put in tea, boiling water into the tea set about a third of the boiling water, quickly XiCha, to awaken the tea, Chen fragrant bath, wash Er dust. Brew: after brewing tea soup should be separated to fair mug or cup tea in the container, the separation of the beverage to use filter, filter broken tea, Office to produce elegant cups used by itself to have the function of the separation of the beverage, use rise more convenient. When the soup when brewing tea Between relatively exquisite, big morning tea pale insipidity, late cause stewed tea an indication is heavy, can only slowly in the actual operation, according to the region The water extract of features, the soup for can be divided into half in the first half is a bit slow, fast, slow during the second half, to practice to master.

When drinking problems, the reason may be as follows:

: ripe tea, the tea soup is dark red, possible reasons: the brewing time is too long, or a large amount of tea. Brewing tea, tea is like water, possible reasons: the water is warm enough, the soup too fast, puer tea water temperature is not enough, is not Soak out of them. Water cooler water temperature about 85 c or so commonly, suggest the soup a little bit on the slow, can be mastered after much practice, Or it is recommended to use professional brewing tea to brew. Brew start if brewing for a long time, or the water temperature control is not good, cause stewed tea, can also affect the subsequent brewing times Less and taste changes, the only solution can only more practice to master, the same tea brewing different people have different taste changes, the skill The rusty, it is a good tea out of Four, the storage of puer tea 1, store in a dry, ventilated place as the saying goes: "xi Ruo tea leaves and wei xiang, thermophilic dry and avoid cold wet." Family puer tea must be in Store dry ventilated place, but not directly was blown by the wind. Although the transformation is relatively slow, but it can keep the true of puer tea. 2, avoid the intermixed taste changing tea most easily absorb peculiar smell in the air, so also should strive to storage environment clean no taste. The best of every Day morning open a window ventilated, make the home smell dissipates as soon as possible. 3, the use of bamboo reed packing traditional bamboo reed, help puer tea after fermentation, taste, has a filter to ensure purity Fruit. If you already apart of puer tea, use plastic bags tightly wrapped up, humidity change in the weather, and prone to mildew The peculiar smell, destroys the raw ingredient of puer tea. 4, purple clay pot, clay pot of purple sand pot and yunnan folk clay POTS are very suitable for storage of pu-erh tea, tea cake also can open it In the purple sand pot store, it is convenient access, 2 it is to let Chen tea has a natural wake up process.