Cheap porcelain enamel bamboo Changle eight known kung fu tea set ceramic coffee cup tableware fashion gift

price: US $299.00
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item Type: scented tea
Product Category: Tea Set
Num.: 02
Material: Ceramics
Ceramic Category: More than 36% bone meal bone china
Place of origin: Jingdezhen
Custom processing: No
Surface Technology: Enamel

Product Description

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Ceramic products are semi mechanism semi-manual process, tiny pinholes, scratches, tiny black spots, bowl small bump, are unavoidable ceramic production oh demanding pro, please carefully shot Oh

[Products]: Ceramic permanent do not fade, do not fade glaze, lead-free, they do not artificially break, a hundred years is still available as new. Commonly used better longevityAfter steaming, boiling, dip, cross-sectional, scraping, grinding, stickers, scissors, iron, paste, grinding, glazing, firing, gilt combination dozen elaborate procedures, general works need a week or so skilled, complex work takes more than 25 days to complete its process is quite complex.


Can support high-end hardware ranging from 50-100 dollars gift

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You can choose the wooden base

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