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Baoshan is one of the main producing areas of Yunnan coffee , the coffee produced good quality, rich mellow , which"Old varieties"Coffee (iron pickup ) and the world may be the best coffee---Blue Mountain coffee is comparable. Back in1958Year was named the first-class product on the London International Fair,1980Meeting of the National Coffee recognized as"National Coffee Crown";1992First year on the China Agricultural Fair , Lu Jiang won the highest silver coffee ;1993Year , world coffee competitions won the World Congress in Brussels, Belgium on"Eureka"Gold Award. In recent years , with the expansion of international trade, arabica coffee Lujiangba even more famous. There are coffee lovers often traveled abroad , come to seek . Europe, Arab countries, especially Britain, the United States, Taiwan , Hong Kong, Macao them as merchants are top grade products in short supply .

About Baoshan Iron pickups :

Baoshan Iron pickup is one of the world's top coffee, rarely yield , the annual output of not more than100T !

Rail pickups coffee, is China since1951Year , Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences , Baoshan development in the main cultivars grown since , and only grow at altitudes1000Low altitude meters below , had been the gold medal in the international arena . Top Coffee ( tooth sell plus ) Blue Mountain coffee in the world due to low yield ( annual production of about900Ton ) , and because of its support for farming is developed by the Japanese ,90%Production is exported to Japan about the market , the remaining10%(Approx.90Part ton ) was added as the quintessence of teeth sold by the government as a gift and domestic human consumption , a part of the inflow of Europe and other developed countries. In fact in China , except it was brought back from Japan finished drinking from the outside , it is impossible to have a Blue Mountain coffee . Has been in the Chinese market and the coffee bar sales of so-called "Blue Mountain Coffee " are actually fake, businesses will have a conscience point Baoshan produced with old varieties of coffeeRail pickups posing .

Rail pickups coffee was the coffee -growing areas in Yunnan, China ( the last century80There 's Baoshan previously only large-scale cultivation ) cultivars , mainly for the following reasons but because of its being phased out :

A susceptible rust, when the disease if not timely discovery and control ,10Within days will finish off all the leaves , resulting in production plummeted even crop failure ;

Second, the size of the year too obvious , Danian higher yields, the yield is very low when he was small , not stable , there is no guarantee growers income ;

Third, due to the breed its own characteristics , plus the main planting in1000Low altitude meters below the overall coffee particles is relatively small, most of them in16Mesh ;

Four , has been, despite its cup -class product quality, but no sales price of beans difference with other varieties , are by particle size to fixing prices , resulting in higher prices for better quality does not reflect should be valuable.

Five , with advances in technology , agricultural research staff or the introduction of anti- rust nurturing , stable production of new varieties , which began in the country to promote the cultivation of the coffee-growing region . So last century80After years of cultivation of coffee growing areas and developed , would never planted it had neither anti- rust, not stable , the price is no advantage of the "old breed " Iron pickup up . Baoshan original planting has also been replaced by a large number of new varieties, iron pickup in planting area is known as the " old varieties ."

In recent years , with the improvement of domestic coffee consumption , less production of iron pickups , many foreigners have come to seek, cause it 's worth has increased, it attracted everyone's attention. Now , in addition to Yunnan Baoshan City , all other coffee growing areas are the last century80After years developed , it is absolutely impossible to have iron pickup planting. In addition to outside Baoshan City , where he produced some say iron pickup, which is absolutely a lie. Even really grown , due to the inherent characteristics of agricultural products grown in different habitats determine with greater taste, texture differences (coffee cup will also have a significant product differences) , although the same species , but it has never be Baoshan Iron pickup the product features a cup . Someone Online1Kg price report50Yuan is also claimed to beAABean reported to you , which is absolutely a lie. For this price, theBaoshan Iron pickup originCan not get .

Man Kam Hing Coffee founder researchers areRoasted coffee beans

Good roasted coffee beans

Using a dedicated one-way exhaust valve preservation coffee bags , can well keep coffee fresh

Coffee From Yunnan China is the High Quality Coffee in the World!

Coffea arabica is a species of Coffea originally indigenous to the mountains of the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. It is also known as the "coffee shrub of Arabia", "mountain coffee" or "arabica coffee". Coffea arabica is believed to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated, being grown in southwest Ethiopia for well over 1,000 years.

It is said to produce better tasting coffee than the other major commercially grown coffee species, Coffea canephora (robusta), because robusta cherries contain twice as much caffeine as arabica. Caffeine itself has a bitter taste, making robusta more bitter. C. arabicacontains less caffeine than any other commercially cultivated species of coffee.

Wild plants grow to between 9 and 12 m (29 and 39 ft) tall, and have an open branching system; the leaves are opposite, simple elliptic-ovate to oblong, 612 cm (2.44.8 in) long and 48 cm (1.63.2 in) broad, glossy dark green. The flowers are white, 1015 mm in diameter and grow in axillary clusters. The seeds are contained in a drupe (though commonly called a "cherry"; the plural form is simply "cherry"used only when referring to the fruit of C. arabicawhen referring to the actual cherry fruit, the appropriate plural is "cherries") 1015 mm in diameter, maturing bright red to purple and typically contains two seeds (the coffee seeds).

Baoshan Yunnan Coffee Trees

Fresh Coffee Beans From Baoshan Yunnan China

Raw Coffee Beans From Baoshan Yunnan China

Cooked Coffee Beans From Baoshan Yunnan China.

The most expensive Coffee in the world-Kopi Luwak From Yunnan China The most expensive Coffee in the world-Kopi Luwak From Yunnan China Yunnan China Arabica species are currently planted beans, are world recognized quality coffee varieties, and Jamaican Blue Mountain are the same as the Arabica species. Yunnan coffee currently are used in most parts of the fermentation process as a method of water purification late, which is recognized worldwide as a high quality coffee processing methods. An important factor in most growing areas in Yunnan altitude of 1000 meters above the mountain, high altitude is high quality coffee.