2015 250g Selenium-enriching Loose Qs Maojian Tea Special Grade Mao Jian Green Tea, Coca Tea Coffee Pectin Face Beauty New Type

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Grade: AAAA
Shelf Life: One Year
Age: New
Brand Name: Xi Jian
Style: Loose Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS
Variety: Maojian Tea

Product Description

Ankang City (famous Ziyang county located in) has more than 3 thousand years' history in producing tea, Chinese tea forfather - Shen Nong has been established the early habit for drinking tea, and promote "the tea drinking" to the whole China, and make the trend of drinking tea to all Chinese, the history of it behaves the development history of the tea culture in China. Ziyang tea passed the technological appraisal by the national council of experts, which was made of experts from many departments of science such as food,tea,nuturition and medical department,the average content of selenium in Ziyang tea is 0.6530ppM, which has good quality and no pollution, and is able to counteract aging, cancer, radiation and improve human immunity.

Production of selenium tea, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, China, natural selenium rich soil, no pesticide plant, full of fresh leaves and shoots, and appropriate long-term drinking selenium content, with no added artificial absolutely assured beverage of choice for the first

China is the hometown of tea, tea culture is the birthplace of, China is known as the ceremonies of the title, the tea habit is a cultural phenomenon formed combination of Chinese culture and etiquette, etiquette phenomenon

Selenium rich tea has anti-cancer, anti-aging, enhance immunity, the important effect of reproductive function etc..

Selenium rich tea soup color is light, resistant to brew, bubble day color difference is relatively small and strong antioxidant capacity, can eliminate the toxins in the water, into the next day can also drink

1, what is the difference between green tea and black tea?

A: green tea is not fermented tea, keep all the nutrition the tea

2, what is the save method of green tea?

A: the preservation of the best way is to seal tea, into the refrigerator to save

3, of your green tea quality?

A: we are high mountain tea, without any pollution, from the manufacturer directly to your hands, you can drink good tea to bargain.

4, what role does the selenium-rich tea?

(1), selenium by the immune system to kill cancer cells.

(2), selenium element for hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and other chronic diseases have good prevention effect.

(3), selenium element can effectively improve human against mobile phone, computer radiation, etc

(4), filling selenium can enhance human immunity, have beautiful skin to raise colour, anti-aging effects

5, what is the difference between tea and coffee?

(1) is a natural drink tea, quench thirst, taste mellow

(2) tea comprehensive nutrition, won't get fat. And have the function of the hairdressing reducing weight

(3) the role of drinking tea to human health has for a long time

6, why have prices of different tea?

A: according to the origin of tea, the harvest season, the processing technology of different will have different price.

7, what kind of post you use?

A: we use a China post parcel by post, when you receive the parcel, found scattered tea tea packing damage, please get photos sent to us, we will timely replacement for you.

8, we have about the way of payment?

A: you can use pay treasure, and credit card payment, very convenient.

1.Value for money 1.the cost is very low

2.Good for you 2.long-term drinking, harmful to health

3.No pigment, is a natural color 3.artificial caffeine, add pigment

4.The natural fragrance 4.artificial sweetener

1.Heat is very low 1.Little nutrition

2.Nutrition is very high 2.high heat, easy to get fat

3.Quench thirst 3.does not quench thirst

4.Natural aroma 4.add flavor, harmful to health.

It gave a lot of laudatory selenium, selenium is the crown jewel of trace elements, selenium is the bread of life, fire, cancer of the king of life, the protection of the anti-liver necrosis factor and so on, almost all of the new discoveries, new progress have shown that selenium is essential for human health, selenium antioxidant capacity of 50 to 100 times stronger than vitamin E, the body's important that it be seen.


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Brewing Guide:

1. Generally use 4g green tea per 200ml (7oz) water.

2. The water temperature for brewing green tea should be around 80º C.

3. Pour the hot water over the tea leaves, and wait for about 2 minutes infusion.

4. Then enjoy the tea. Could brew 3-4 times.

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