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item Type: Herbal
Grade: super
Shelf Life: More than 12 months
Age: New
Brand Name: Herbal tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS
Variety: Gouqi berry

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Brand: herbal tea product category: whether Chinese wolfberry import: no

Selling way: packing materials and ingredients: Chinese wolfberry level: super

Net content (specifications) : 100 (g) packaging: specialty bags: is

Shelf life: 12 months or more (months) production date: 2013

Storage methods: refrigerated goods barcode: GJ201 hygiene license: 3301041210027302

Packing specification: 100 g/bag

The effect of medlar bubble water to drink one: anti-aging

Medlar contains rich Chinese wolfberry polysaccharide, beta carotene, vitamin E, selenium and flavonoids antioxidants, such as good antioxidant effect. Medlar peroxide is against free radicals, reduce free radical damage, peroxide to help slow the aging, prolong life.

The effect of medlar bubble water to drink. 2: nourishing liver and kidney

Chinese wolfberry sexual flavour GanPing, TCM believes that, it can nourish liver and kidney, benefit shrewd eyes and nourishing blood, enhance the immune power of the people. The most practical efficacy for modern people, Chinese wolfberry is fatigue resistance and lower blood pressure. In addition, Chinese wolfberry can protect liver, fall blood sugar, soften blood vessels, reduce blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels, have certain curative effect in patients with fatty liver disease and diabetes. According to the clinical verification, Chinese wolfberry can treat chronic renal failure.

The effect of medlar bubble water to drink three: liver

Chinese wolfberry polysaccharides on experimental liver injury has a protective effect, can reduce serum Alt, promote the restoration of liver injury. De-shan wang for Chinese wolfberry fight experimental hyperlipidemia hepatic fat concentration-response relationship and toxicity studies, the experimental results show that the medlar can inhibit fat deposition in liver cells, and promote new liver cells.

The effect of medlar bubble water to drink 4: beauty

Can often eat Chinese wolfberry beauty, which is a lot of people don't know. This is because, medlar can improve skin's ability to absorb oxygen, on the other hand, can the whitening effect.

The effect of medlar bubble water to drink 5: fatty liver

Ningxia wolfberry fruit water immersion (20%, 8 ml/day to fill the stomach), by carbon tetrachloride poisoning in mice, had mild inhibit fat deposition in the liver cell, and promote the role of the liver cells. The role of the water extract of fatty liver but also in, to prevent the liver function disorder caused by carbon tetrachloride (in the activity of cholinesterase, transaminase indicator). Rats like to longer-term (75 days) oral Chinese wolfberry water extract or betaine, can increase the level of phospholipid in the blood and liver; Of carbon tetrachloride poisoning after rats, hepatic phospholipid, reduce total cholesterol content, in advance or at the same time give betaine or medlar water extract was increased; For BSP, SGPT, alkaline phosphatase, could improve the cholinesterase test, etc. Chinese wolfberry - on the lipid metabolism or the role of fatty liver, mainly caused by which contains betaine, which ACTS as methyl supply body in the body.

The effect of medlar bubble water to drink six: enhance immunity

Chinese academy of medical sciences research proves, medlar can improve human immunity, anti-tumor therapy can relieve the side effects of cyclophosphamide, promote hemopoietic function recovery, elevated white blood cell count of peripheral blood, have protective effects on the body.