100g black Chinese wolfberry wholesale authentic qinghai chaidamu wild black medlar

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100g black Chinese wolfberry wholesale authentic qinghai chaidamu wild black medlar

Item description: qinghai wild black Chinese

wolfberry Specification: 100 g Packing: packed in cans Storage: cool and dry place Shelf life: 365 days Note: black Chinese wolfberry as the pure manual picking, hard to avoid can have uneven size, here is not perfect but also the product of pure natural, more at ease. ,

What's the difference between a black Chinese

wolfberry and red Chinese wolfberry? Answer: Black Chinese wolfberry is rich in protein, amino acids, minerals and trace elements are more than the content of red Chinese wolfberry, black Chinese wolfberry is also rich in red Chinese wolfberry no procyanidins opc, is the most effective natural water-soluble free radical scavenger, its efficacy is 20 times of VC, VE 50 times. Black Chinese wolfberry is wild more, compared with the artificial planted red Chinese wolfberry, yield little, recovery cost is high, therefore more expensive than the red Chinese wolfberry, one of the best on the market at present is qinghai chaidamu wild black Chinese wolfberry. Red Chinese wolfberry tea, chewing can be done, because the black Chinese wolfberry, are rich in procyanidins optimum bubble water, generally every 3-5 grain, antioxidant, anti- aging, cancer prevention, blood and nerves, improve sleep, and have obvious anti-fatigue, protect liver, anti-tumor, dredge blood vessels, step-down, protect the cardiovascular system. Black fruit of Chinese wolfberry has very high nutrition health care value, beauty to raise colour the best choice for anti-aging, because it contained anthocyanins are the most. In addition to beauty to raise colour anti-aging, It also has other functions: 1, raise liver, improve vision clinical report, black fruit of Chinese wolfberry anthocyanins can promote the retinal cells covering violet (Rho dopsin) regeneration, can prevent severe myopia and retinal detachment, have obviously protect vision effect, for adolescent pseudomyopia, middle-aged and old person, retinal hemorrhage, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, visual fatigue, dry eyes all have good health care function. . Flower pigment can improve the vision in the dim light, the drivers for the night, a person who spends a lot of time looking at the screen and so on all have help. 2, invigorating the essence, prevent cancer anthocyanins in black Chinese wolfberry (Anthocyanosides) has the effect of scavenging free radicals, may also make cancer cells can't spread smoothly, to protecting the more healthy cells from cancerous cells. Like the pathogenic mechanism of breast cancer is so, so taking anthocyanins can have very good to the development of breast cancer or production use. 3, thirst quenching, improve circulation anthocyanins can improve blood circulation and restore the lost microvascular function, strengthen the fragile blood vessels, thus blood vessels more elastic. Procyanidins is referred to as "the antidote to atherosclerosis. Inadequate for venous insufficiency, procyanidins can effectively relieve symptoms such as pain, swelling, night cramps so European doctors often suggest that patients with varicose veins diets rich in anthocyanins blueberry (Anthocyanosides) food. 4, blood and nerves, improve sleep can prevent skin wrinkles early generation, which is one of nature's most effective antioxidants. It can not only prevent skin wrinkles early generation, more can supplement nutrition and eliminate harmful free radicals in the body. Anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) is a natural sunshine cover, can prevent ultraviolet enroach on skin, if trying to protect with anthocyanins, is about 85% of the skin cells can survive. 5, runfei cough, slow down aging As people life rhythm speeding up and work pressure increased, people's normal biological clock will change from time to time, such as continuous work overtime, etc., make people's life habit had to accept change, so often generates the problem of insufficient sleep. Anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) has a deep cells protect cell membranes from the role of free radical oxidation, has powerful antioxidant and antiallergic function, can cross the blood brain barrier, can protect brain from oxidation, stability of brain function, protect the brain from harmful chemicals and toxins. After eating black Chinese wolfberry in anthocyanin (Anthocyanosides), people feel the mind awake, greatly improve sleep completely. The design and color of black Chinese wolfberry contain glucoside element is the most effective natural free radical scavenger, delay aging human cells and tissues, keep the young state, prolong life. Black Chinese wolfberry fruit can also be the prevention and treatment of diabetes, and has obvious fatigue, protect liver, anti-tumor, dredge blood vessels, step-down, protect the cardiovascular system. In history, "Uighur medicine uygur doctors commonly used black fruit of Chinese wolfberry fruit and root skin treatment of urethral calculi, tinea scabies, bleeding gums, etc., folk as a nourishing and strong, bright eye, and blood pressure medication. The four medical, beads material medica such as Tibetan medicine classic black Chinese wolfberry record for: treat heart disease, the heart, menoxenia, menopause and efficacy is obvious. 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