Yunnan Pu’er Yechang Yun genuine veneer barrel 600g cooked gourmet tea and old tea head spike special shipping

price: US $70.26
from AliExpress
item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Style: Loose Tea
Packaging: Can (Tinned)
Certification: QS
Pu'er production technology: cooked tea
place of production: Yunnan,china mainland
year: 10 + years

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  • Select the finest old tea head:$ 70.26 a barrel (600g), the purchase of a bucket! Q: This is an old tea? A: This is really old tea, fermented tea and old tea head is in the process of plate form a block of tea, because tea gets better with the characteristics of, the conversion to make it taste better suited customers, so we will specifically rent warehouse storage, dry storage, this tea head has been stored for more than 10 years, after brewing tea thicker, very resistant foam. Q: Why is marked with the finest old tea head? A: The tea tree head is deposited into the warehouse N years ago, just a ton of stock, after the recent opening brew feel good taste transformation, this intention was added to the sale, the tons of old tea in advance, we only from which to pick 80 pounds looks good, do good fortune teller purchase 64 copies of the new shelves now are fine in quality. Old tea head overlord!

[ Form ] tea tea head is the head of the tea , a relative of the fermented tea in the pile- caking cords tea, fermented tea, head of the normal range of inclusions richer, tea is more intense , more resistant foam , but Finally, there are still bubbles to the head will not come apart most of the tea , or viscous together. Pu'er tea is cooked through artificial watering pile- fermentation , the fermentation process , the pile in the middle of tea will heat up, and then fermented tea by itself contains an enzyme , long become mature tea. In this process , each over a period of time , we must manually turn this pile of tea several times , in order to avoid high temperatures inside the tea to stew focus. After the fermentation process repeated constantly turn , secrete some tea pectin , because pectin is more viscous , so some tea pimple ball becomes stuck together on a mission. Etc. After tea fermentation is completed, a group of these people will a group of tea pimple picking out his hand to unlock it , and then put back into the pile of tea , and some really sticky Tai Lao , and then if you want to unlock tea will crumble , and had another put in a pile , into a " pimple tea" , also called " old tea head ."

[Discern] look old Pu'er tea as old main observation soup is light and airy, old tea brewed tea is thick and bright red, very transparent. I am very sensible to tell you that we take pictures of the craft is quite general, because we are professional make tea, not to engage in photography, we use these pictures are taken in kind, and there is no any modification on the hair up, we just want to the most real things up out of the tea is as old as the true picture below you can explain everything.

[Making] the proposed re-old tea head hand for about 20 seconds, or 10 seconds two times enough. Then they can always soak until bubble, bubble, when you do not want to, but also bored out of twelve estimated bubble. The following photos are my soup brewing 10 after shooting a few bubbles, concentration no less, so. . Do not like change like tea tea pro, do not miss this tea head.