YoHere 50PCS/bag Mini Pu’er Yunnan Puer tea for Chinese tea With Gift Bag

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: Top grade
Shelf Life: 100 years
Age: 1 - 2 Years
Brand Name: YoHere
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS

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About puerh tea:

Puerh is a large leafed tea from the Yunnan province in China and has been famous as a medicinal tea. The earliest records of Puerh tea date back to the Tang Dynasty ( 618AD-906AD ) when it was the favorite tea of the nobleman of this time. Puerh tea over the centuries has been used as a form of currency in China and an important international trading item.

Puerh tea derives its name from the market town of Pu-er, where it was originally processed and sold. It is said that the unique taste of Puerh Tea was developed because it took weeks to transport the tea leaves by horseback to the town to be processed. During this transportation period the tea leaves would begin to ferment in the humidity and release a strong, fragrant aroma, which people found quite pleasant. A special technique of tea fermenting developed and Pu'er was thus created.

The secret of making Puerh tea has been closely guarded in China for centuries. The tea leaves are collected from growers of a special broad-leaf tea tree, which are said to be related to ancient prehistoric tea trees. The leaves go through two types of fermentation, which gives this tea its unique characteristics; a mild, but distinctively earthy flavour. Puerh teas are much like fine wines, which become smoother and more balanced with age. Puerh teas are much lower in tannins than other teas due to the special processing method which it undergoes.

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Puerh tea has also been lauded as the drinkable antique. The flavor and color of Puerh Tea changes when properly stored over a period of time; fresh raw tea brews into a bright, yellowish broth and possesses a strong, almost harsh flavor; aged raw tea brews an amber broth and possesses a mellow flavor. Fresh ripe tea brews into a bright red broth possessing a smooth mellow flavor; old ripe tea brews dark red with a thick mellow flavor. The flavor, quality and value of Puerh tea constantly increases overtime with proper storage,and the longer the better.


1. Prevent obesity and Lose Weight

2. Prevent and anti cancer

3. Anti Radiation

4. Anti-aging, Prolong life

5. Decline High Blood Pressure

6. Good effort to the treatment of anemia diabetes

7. Anti-inflammatory sterilization, diuretic detoxification

8. Decrease heart disease