Wholesale piece of mahogany wood tea tray tea tray tea tray rosewood mahogany wood rosewood coffee table tea Taiwan and Myanmar

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item Type: Green Tea
Num.: 130
Material: Wooden
Place of origin: Vietnam
Are there package: No
Wooden: Flower Limousin

Product Description

Vietnam mahogany tea tray

Material: rosewood
Size: 130: Length: 66cm width: 36cm height: 7.5cm Net Weight: 11.2 kg

Origin: Vietnam

Authentic rosewood, shop there are a variety of rosewood tea tray, optional. Sections are unique.
To you a happy shopping, this paragraph crafts pictures taken in kind, wooden tray dimensions are manual measurement, there will be size error is normal, mind ban the film, each tray slightly color lines are unique. Please carefully optimistic about the buy, Redwood perfectionist, careful to buy!

Identification and classification of mahogany
Redwood is the current domestic furniture, timber convention name, in accordance with international GB / T18107-2000, mahogany identified as 33 species, classified as red sandalwood, rosewood, incense sticks of wood (pear), black rosewood, red rosewood, ebony, striped ebony and wenge eight classes, belonging Pterocarpus, Dalbergia, Diospyros, Millettia genus and chestnut trees are. In the purchase of mahogany furniture, wood color from the heartwood can identify its characteristics.

rosewood - turn purple purple
rosewood - reddish brown to purple, often with black stripes
incense sticks of wood - oct startled aroma, reddish brown wood color
black rosewood - dark chestnut brown, with black stripes
red rosewood - reddish brown to purple
Ebony - black
striped ebony - black or chestnut brown, purple stripe between
wenge - dark brown or chestnut brown, chord surface of a chicken stripes