Wholesale 2002 250g Yunnan Menghai Millennium Old Tree Pu’Er Gold Pornographic Films Tea Raw Brewing Brick Personal Care Puer

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Age: 11 - 20 Years
Shelf Life: The long the better
Brand Name: Silim
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Brick
Certification: QS

Product Description

Classic Porn, ten years of Chen Xiang
The old porn, refers to the raw material selection process, because of the cable is loose. Coarse, tea is lower grade, selected in accordance with the standards of production in this part of the tea, commonly known as "old porn"; the porn is generally have good therapeutic efficacy, especially in the treatment of prostate, gastrointestinal conditioning, ventilating etc.!
The brick process, packaging is simple and generous, with bamboo as material, the Pu 'er tea brick tea bound tightly, bamboo leaves are kept dry effect, used to save tea is appropriate, and leaves no peculiar smell, can be permanently preserved among the bamboos, with slightly bamboo incense, during which, more add the class chapter classical charm.

Huangpian aka Shennongpiao.
The formation of the old Huangpian, one is picking a bud or bud two leaves outside of the trefoil, generally not to the fourth; two is not rolling in rolling, the cable is loose; in the two case, de enzyming leaves the color yellow or green deeper. Therefore, if not the tea sorting, then pressing after cord impressions on difference.

Therefore, the selection of raw materials and quality of tea quality old porn is the same, just because of poor form and was out, but it does not mean that the quality is not good. On the contrary, the old porn because leaves thick, growth over a longer period of time, so its bitterness has been greatly weakened, back to sweet and mellow taste and good durable foam.

Porn is a legend.
The old Huangpian rise from the 04 year old, the Taiwanese to porn, presents a very interesting name "Shennong a gone with the wind", said: "Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, Japan in seventy-two virus, and a solution of tea" as you can imagine, a deep poisoning people, in the ring under the environment of impossible to pick a leaf bud tea detoxification, Shennong is the inevitable result of critically ill patients, in the tea picking tea leaves "Huangpian" to eat, and then he succeeded.

Brewing old Huangpian
Slightly increased a little investment and the amount of tea, the most critical is the water must be open, bubble must be enough time, otherwise it will not be able to fully display. As for how much tea and bubble long, need according to their own taste for it. With interest, conditions of the tea, and even can be boiled to drink.

Soup color is so clear, bright, clear bottom, thick and thick soup

The taste of tea, tea air feet, full taste, distribution, or faster, back to Gan long, great thickness and stiffness, entrance which can obviously feel the stiffness and strength of tea.