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Taste: Bacillus tea with fragrant wild flowers and the aroma of a long , but flavored tea colorless , non- bitter taste , entrance sweet , slightly sour , tea gas lighter . Beauty has the effect of weight loss , the majority of women love .

Features : wild tea because spores germinate in before the beginning of spring , hence the name of spring buds. After wild Bacillus open soup tea aroma quickly spread, so that those with the tea garden flowers if temporary , drunk in which it is also known drunk bud , potpourri . Paowan tea tureen open look , the bottom of juicy , just like most of the girls out of the bath , so there are people called it the moon goddess. Wild spores germinate Pu'er tea with other different , to not curled leaves significant issue , but a package of white buds , leaves inside the bag hidden in the bud . When the blades did not grow out of the entrance and sweet , but after the blade up, the entrance are more sour , a bit like the taste of lemon tea . Wild spores up more refreshing drink tea in the summer , so popular with female white-collar workers .

[ Tea ] on

Yunnan Province, Yunnan large leaf tea is a certain area Maocha drying green raw materials , fermentation processing after a loose tea and pressed

Tea. "Tea ," the harvest : general points spring, summer , autumn and winter seasons . February-April spring harvest , 15 days after harvest to the festival

Spring and received the top grade , much more expensive than a bud , bud core thin and white ; summer tea harvest in May-July , said the rain tea , such as the production proper,

Approximate spring tea quality ; autumn tea harvested in August-October , said Gu tea, tea quality is inferior to the spring, summer tea ; Dongcha rarely harvest, only farmers

Drinking the right amount of harvest themselves .

[How to brewing tea ]

1 , a large selection of brewing tea pot belly can avoid tea too thick , the proposed material should choose clay pots , purple sand pot ;
2 , brew tea with about 5-10 grams , it is appropriate 95-100 degrees boiled water . 1-3 minute brewing time and watch their soup , class red

When wine is better . For longer is black, not good. Also according to personal preferences to decide shades brewing time ;

3 , moist bubble is brewing tea indispensable program . Warm bubble tea can remove dust , wake up tea , " Jervis "

Infusion rate should be fast ;

4 , drink hot tea to be smelling , toast nose in front , you can feel Chen aromatic flavor nostrils, a sense of leisurely elegance Qinxin ;

5 , carefully sipping tea fine chemicals entrance , before obtaining the true rhyme can feel the tea to penetrate the teeth , bleeding gums Qin , mouthful of fragrant , sweet

Lu " fluid " , refreshing , lingering thirst, this is the best feeling of Pu'er "Back rhyme ."