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Pu’er Tea and Losing Weight:

Many females often ask if drinking Pu’er can lose weight. The answer is yes. But the efficiency varies from person to person. Nevertheless, if you keep it up, you can success. Here are 3 suggestions:

1. For keeping fit and weight: drinking Pu’er tea instead of water, drinks and soup etc. Other meals should intake normally.

2. For losing weight: in addition to the above, brewing a cup of tea in night and drinking next morning on an empty stomach. This method can lose weight quickly.

3. If you want to lose weight, you should drink it 0.5h-1h after meal except the second tip.

The Effect of Reducing Fat of Pu’er Tea:

Tea can promote digestion and help to excrete, especially Pu’er tea. We have done the following clinical trials that let the patients who have more fat in blood drink Pu’er tea for 3-10 months. Then we found that 70% patients’ fat in blood and weight went down. It is more effective for absorbing the fat around the abdomen and haslet.

The Effects of Pu’er Tea:

Helping to digest and reducing phlegm; warming stomach and producing saliva; losing weight and reducing fat; lowering blood pressure and removing toxicity; running lung and expelling phlegm; relieving a cough and treating sore throat; supplement the center and boosting the energy; maintaining beauty and keeping young; improving immunity; anti-cancer and relieving spasm and pain; easing the effects of the medicine, etc.

The study of the effects of Pu’er tea by Medical and tea experts at home and abroad has a new progress. It is proved that Pu’er tea has a good effect to health.

1. Losing weight, reducing fat, lowering blood pressure and preventing arteriosclerosis

2. Preventing cancer and anti-cancer

3. Removing greasy, helping to digest and maintaining stomach

4. Protecting teeth

5. Anti-inflammatory, sterilization and anti-malaria

6. Prolonging life and anti-aging

7. Protecting against radiation

8. Removing free radical and improving immunity

The Methods of Brewing Pu’er Tea:

The most essential factors are temperature of water and time of soaking tea leaves.

First, it just needs boiled water.

Then, time of soaking tea leaves:

The first time to infuse water, it only needs 5-10 seconds, then pour away the water. The first time is called washing the tea leaves.

The second infusion is for drink, it needs 10-20 seconds.

The third infusion needs 30-40 seconds, and so on.


1. Put about 5g (covering the bottom of cup, slightly high) Pu'er tea into the filter cup.

2. Add the boiled water into the filter cup, and cover it.

3. A moment later, take out the filter cup, and pour out the first time water.

4. Add the boiled water again, cover the tea, and cover the cup lid, waiting for about 20 seconds.

5. Open the lid upside down, take out the filter cup, drop a little tea, and then put in cup lid.

6. Then a cup of delicious tea is OK now.

7. Please don't throw away the tea in the cup, Pu'er tea could be poured for many times. After drinking the first tea, you can put back the filter cup into tea cup, and do the same steps with the first tea, and then the second Pu’er tea is ok.