Top Grade 500g Madagascar Vanilla Bean 15-16cm Vanilla Pods 100% Natural Baking Ingredients Vanilla Sticks Free Shipping

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Grade: AAAAA
Weight: 0.5
Shelf Life: 36 months
Brand Name: Chinese China Tea
Flavor: Spices & Herbs
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Decaffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans

Product Description

Top Grade 500g Madagascar Vanilla Bean 17-18cm Vanilla Pods 100% Natural Baking Ingredients Vanilla Sticks

Name: Vanilla top vanilla stick Another name: vanilla pods, vanilla sticks, cloud Nigeria take sticks

Ingredients: special black top vanilla pod

Vanillin (18% -2.2%)

Water points (30% -34%)

Grade: top

Length: 17-18cm

Origin: Madagascar

Net Weight: 500g (± 125 roots)

Production Date: See packaging

Shelf Life: 2 years

Storage: Keep in a cool dark place.


Product Display

Appropriate use, before making the first cut with scissors 1 cm length.

Grass beans is precious tropical natural spices, the scientific measurement, Vanilla contains 150-170 species of aromatic ingredients and 17 kinds of essential amino acids, with a strong kidney, appetizers, in addition to the medical effects of inflation, spleen, etc., is a natural beauty tonic medicine, known as the "king of natural spices," the finished products dry pods can be directly used, can also be made tinctures, extracts, oleoresins. Langa Vanilla fragrance products, has a unique aroma soak into the depths of my heart, is a synthetic vanillin can not be compared, which is widely used to modulate a variety of premium cigarettes, wines, premium tea, cosmetics, high fashion, is all kinds cakes, cookies, candy, cream, coffee, cocoa, ice cream, ice cream and other high-end food and beverage with fragrant materials.
Vanilla has a sweet charm, Mexican indians Aztecs used it to add flavor cocoa drinks, because the Spaniards and spread throughout Europe. When 15-30 cm cylindrical yellow-green fruit beginning to turn yellow off, so that fermentation, drying, dark brown skin wrinkles will become known as' vanilla beans. "
With vanilla beans and other plants or mixed brew tea, you can enjoy the sweet vanilla aroma. Before Europeans believe that it has efficacy, but now only used to add ice cream, desserts, perfume, cigarettes and other flavors. Added sugar inside, it becomes vanilla sugar.

Product Description

Pods complete uncracked, dark brown to black, slender pods, humidity, big oil, legumes soft and elastic.

Product Features

Such Vanilla beans are unique to Madagascar, is the world's top-quality vanilla beans.

Product Usage

Mainly used for baking, chocolate, ice cream processing, cola, coffee and other beverage processing, food seasoning; at the same time can be used for medicinal purposes, its pods have aphrodisiac, tonic and stimulant, has a strong heart, brain, stomach, detoxification, carminative, and enhance the effectiveness of muscle strength, as aromatic nervous system stimulant and kidney medicine, used to treat hysteria, depression, impotence, Hot and rheumatism.

Use Method

Cut with a flat knife, remove the intermediate black seed, black seed along the boiling liquid to release fragrant scent, remaining vanilla pods can be made of sugar, vanilla or grated instead of using pruning is also immersed in vodka . Each time, less than half scissors, poke to the inside of the vanilla seeds scraped off with a knife, seeds and skin are put together inside or milk sugar and cook, and finally filtered off and the skin on it.

Vanilla sugar Method:

The seed is removed after use vanilla stick embedded in the Sugar Bowl, sealed two weeks to make the rich aroma of vanilla sugar, use a very wide range, can be increased for any dessert or drink vanilla flavor. Vanilla stick can be used repeatedly, until two years.


After opening, use vanilla temporarily put food ziplock bag, seal pull back as much as possible out of the air, not placed in the refrigerator, it will affect the aroma of vanilla and internal continuous process of Aging.

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