Top! 20 Pcs 2008 Yunnan Shu Puer Cha Gao Warm Stomach Slimming Tea Ripe Puer Cream Puerh Chagao Free Shipping

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Product Description

Top 20 Pcs 2008 Yunnan Shu Puer Cha Gao Warm Stomach Slimming Tea Ripe Puer Cream Puerh Chagao Free Shipping

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The main effect of tea cream

1, hangover Liver efficacy
2, digestion, oily solution, lipid-lowering effect
3, the effect of stomach
4, lowering blood pressure
5, the effect of lowering blood sugar

All are eco-tea extract cream tea and concentrated using mountain spring water, to prevent bleach smell. While 5% tea extract cream, over 60% of the polyphenols, while maintaining the charm of Pu'er, and is both easy to drink, clean the merits of tea treasures, tea gold.

Name 2008 stomach slimming cream tea (cooked tea)
Year 2008
Mouth taste sensation cotton slip, mellow
Tom transparent and bright ruby red color
Collection grades pole
Specification 0.8-1 g
Choice of materials Yunnan Pu'er
Features Featured altitude of 1,800 meters above the high-court Menghai Pu'er tea tree cream tea as raw materials. Tea cream tea is pure and honest, pure taste, moderate degree Run, slightly sweet.
Deposited shade storage, avoid direct sunlight
Shelf suitable climate under appropriate long-term preservatio

Product Display

Cream tea cream tea, early in the Qing Dynasty had been perceived by people, which also has its peculiar Compendium of Materia Medica of the medicinal value of records. You just ask the next Baidu Sister, there are a lot of description and history about tea cream.
Words, after the original cream teas are to be regarded as a Royal goods, and now we have mastered the traditional production process, using the latest modern technology for extraction. Such tea extract cream tea polyphenols more reserved and many other beneficial substances.

Why is the stomach slimming cream tea?

Pu'er tea slimming effect was ranked first, Pu'er tea cream has all the health benefits, through the high-purity refining efficiency, furthermore, this is the choice of tea cream tea extract in 2008, the effect is even more pronounced.

Are there other additives?

Wishful Xuan tea cream tea are all committed to using 100% te

a as raw material, without adding any industrial additives. A penalty at one hundred.

There are side effects?

Wishful Xuan cream tea are all using the original ecological tea extract, tea belongs health care products, long-term health benefits of drinking is harmless.

Need to thin friends attention: the need to adhere to three meals a day for half an hour after dinner drink, scraping oil reduce belly, once making a (shaving cream tea oil because the effect is obvious, you will feel very hungry after drinking fast, then please do not snacks, otherwise it will backfire, and dinner can normally eat

Intuitive soup from the soup will be able to render to your taste, bright, red, shiny, a tea standards embodied in your hands in the mouth confirmed that feeling in the mind. Spend a good spring on the bubble tea pot finest cream as a reward for their hard work. Soup burgundy translucent, high viscosity, smooth entrance

The first brew a super convenient, cream tea water temperature as high as possible, as long as water containers can soak, boil drinking feel better.

250ml of tea with a tool.

Making a left so many tea cream.

Shades according to their own preferences to control time.

Pu'er tea has long been known as the slimming of the crown, a cup and a half hours after a meal, can effectively stimulate your metabolism and accelerate the burning of fat decomposition.

Lose friends attention, every day for half an hour after dinner drink, oh, 2-3 tablets a day is the amount.

Persist after 2-3 months you will see a new own slightly.

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