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Taiwan Alishan

High-mountain Oolong Tea


Jiayi County, Taiwan Province










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The Alishan National Scenic Area is a mountain resort and natural preserve located in the mountains of Jiayi County in Taiwan. It is 415 km² in area. It includes, among other things, mountain wilderness, four villages, waterfalls, high altitude tea plantations, the Alishan Forest Railway and several hiking trails. The area is popular among tourists and mountain climbers, and Alishan or Mount Ali itself has become one of the major landmarks associated with Taiwan. The area is also famous for its production of high mountain tea and wasabi.

Alishan was developed in the early 1980s to produce alpine teas. The tea produced at elevations between 800-1,600 meters has a gentle and deep flavor. The entire area has been designated as a quasi-national park for its scenic beauty. It is also famous for its mountain railway, and as the source of fine timber.

The Alishan Oolong is a high mountain oolong tea from Formosa. It is lightly oxidized, it has a wonderfully creamy texture and rich taste with a delicate sweetness. Excellent clarity, the tea is pale greenish yellow with a floral taste, brisk aftertaste, and faint sweet aroma, this tea taste as it is scented with orchid. Easily make 6 brews.

Brewing Guide: We highly recommend brewing Oolong gongfu style to appreciate its many layers of flavor. It may be prepared in a regular teapot, an Yixing clay pot, or in individual cups. Use about 1 tsp. per cup (8 oz.) of water heated to 80-90°C (176-194°F). Infuse for 2-3 minutes and pour off. The leaves may be resteeped 1-3 times.

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